My Newest Secret (Not So Secret) Addiction

So lately I’ve been super obsessed with cloth diapers. Weird right? Wrong! If you go online and look up all the cute cloth diapers they have out there you would be super obsessed too! lol It all started when my cousin Diana (shout-out :p) was telling me how affordable, not to mention cute, they are. The first time I talked to her about it I was like meh, I should, but disposables are so easy and we get them pretty cheap. Well next thing you know baby #2 comes into the picture. Suddenly the idea of spending $100 + a month on diapers made me cringe. Not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t be working much anymore and yet all our expenses like internet, the car, the heater, school…  keep adding up!

Well a few months ago I started price matching/using coupons for all our groceries at Walmart. We save so much money on produce and things and were able to cut our monthly bills for that in half! We also got a new car, which saves us lots of money on gas, but all the savings from that go back to the car payment. All in all were doing our best to save where we could,  but still not quite making enough to cover everything. So finally I decided to start looking into cloth diapers for real.

After one day of researching I was slightly overwhelmed but sold! There are so many different types of cloth diapers out there and an abbreviation for everything! But after a few days of staying up all night reading about all the different kinds (I was full out obsessed) and a little help from my cousin, I mostly figured out what I wanted.  Even though it costs a little more upfront to start a cloth diaper stash it is well worth it! Plus I am a super cheap-y and decided to go the cover/pre-fold route (with a few pockets).


Long story short… some of my covers came today and I was soo excited I about died! Look at them! Soo cute! (My favorite is the barnyard one.)

I went for the one size diapers because I figure I could use them on both Carter (until he potty trains) and Sammie, to save even more! So I’m definitely not a pro yet. Lets be honest, I haven’t even tried the diapers on Carter yet. But I am sooo excited to try them out as soon as they are washed! No worries I’ll give you all a play by play of how it goes… Wish me luck!!!

p.s. Carter was so funny and was super excited, with me, about the diapers! So when I was taking pictures of the diapers he was running around the house saying “package, package, package! ” Then he’d run in the room and say “CHEESE!’ until I’d take his picture…


Look at this little cheesy boy! Man I love him!


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