So I decided to do a quick post since I can’t seem to sleep much at night anyways.

I went to the doctors on Tuesday for my 37 week check-up. At 37 weeks, I’m officially “term” which means the baby could come any time!!! I lost a pound since my last checkup but the doctor said it was fine. My blood pressure was good and the baby’s heartbeat was right on. My stomach was measuring at 36 weeks which the doctor also said was fine. He also checked to see how dilated I was. I was a three which is further than I got with Carter before my water broke so that’s good.

I’m super torn at this point in my pregnancy. Half of me is super anxious to meet this baby and officially be a mother of two. Daniel and I like to speculate what this baby will be like. Will he look just like Carter? Or will he have blonde hair and blue eyes? What if he’s completely bald? How much will he weigh? Will he be a good sleeper? A good eater? We were spoiled with Carter, so wondering how different little Sammie will be sometimes makes me nervous. On top of our curiosity, physically I’m am so ready to have this baby… As of last Sunday, I’ve had crazy pain in my tailbone, which at some points has me wishing for labor! (As if I could handle that pain any better… Lol) But I gotta be honest, all the aches and pains of pregnancy are definitely making me long for a sooner rather than later delivery.

And yet the other part of me isn’t ready for a baby. I haven’t felt the same excitement this time around yet. I finally took out the baby clothes this week but only because I knew I had to. I washed the car seat and put it in the car (well the trunk) and I even packed my hospital bag…ish, but I still don’t feel ready. I’m just waiting for that nesting feeling to kick in and get me all excited about the baby, you know? But it hasn’t…. So the other half of me is fine with waiting until my due date. Not to mention the fact that I have this phobia of having another tiny baby like Carter. I don’t want to stress about how tiny my baby is this time around (not that I won’t find other things to stress about).

Sooo case and point, I don’t know what I want… I guess in the end what I want doesn’t really matter anyways. Little Sammie will come when he wants to come and I’ll just have to accept it 🙂


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