39 weeks

Well folk I’ve made it to the home stretch! My official due date is in 7 days! Which not only means we’re in the single digits, but down to a week!!! It’s crazy and still a little unreal.

Yesterday I went to my 39 week appointment. It went as well as can be expected. I didn’t gain any weight (which is good considering last weeks crazy weight gain). I’m still measuring a week behind at 38 weeks but the baby’s heart was great. He is still head down and I’m dilated to 4 cm! Now to be honest I was a little shocked because most woman don’t get past a 3 before they go into labor. My doctor says only a few of his patients like to hang out in the 4 or 5 cm category before giving birth… Apparently I’m one of them now.

However, I’m looking at this news as a sign of my very very imminent labor! Pretty much I was all excited and thinking I was gonna have the baby last night… Well I didn’t. It’s a little bit depressing but I’m trying to be optimistic. The worst part is that my doctor has offered twice to induce me at 39 weeks. Which means if I had said yes, I could be in the hospital giving birth TODAY!

At this point waiting is soooo hard! But I’ll keep waiting… while secretly hoping that today is the day!


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