My Buddy

I’ve noticed that a lot of my posts lately have been about the new baby, and lets be honest a lot of my focus has been on Sammie and his arrival. So today I thought I’d switch it up and talk a little bit about my cute, adorable, (almost two) best friend!

photo (10)

We are peas in a pod, me and him!

photo (7)

I love hanging out with him… I mean look at him! He’s so stinkin adorable. I love how close we are and am a little sad that its gonna change, even a little. He is the person I spend the absolute MOST time with. We’re talking every minute of everyday!

photo (9)

Last week I was having an especially rough couple of days. So Daniel took Carter with him to the bakery on Saturday, while I stayed home. Carter loved it because he got to see all of Daniel’s family, got to go hang out at Grandma’s house, and even got to go run errands with Treasa.  I was super grateful because I was in no condition to be a good mom that day. Still, I felt so lonely without my little sidekick all day. He’s a pretty easy kid to miss!

photo (8)

Then there was the other day, my legs were doing this weird tingly thing where they go numb and suddenly I can’t walk. (No worries I asked the doctor apparently it’s normal?.. weird right?) So anyways my legs will give out and it hurts a little but mostly just surprises me every time. Well one time it was really bad and I literally almost fell over! It scared me so much I yelled out. Well when I turned around, all I saw was Carter’s huge eyes staring at me, with a face of complete horror and concern. He was soo worried that I was dying or something! He then proceeded to cry until I convinced him that Mommy was ok and indeed, NOT dying. lol  Needless to say, Carter will not be in the delivery room with me when I have baby Sammie… lol


Lately, I’ve been sooo impressed with how much Carter knows and understands. He is learning new words at lightning speed! He is even starting to put little sentences together on his own. Me and Daniel have noticed we have to be careful about what we say around him because he will repeat everything! The other day I was yelling for Daniel to come see something and right behind me I hear a little voice say as clear as day “Daniel! Daniel!” lol It’s just too cute!

photo (6)

He is also getting pretty good at recognizing his colors. Although he still likes to answer green for everything sometimes… Yesterday at the grocery store we were walking down the aisle and Carter pointed and yelled, “Eight!” We looked and sure enough there was a foam board with the numbers 1-10 on it. I’m still not sure if he actually was referring to the number eight or just the numbers in general but I know I never taught him that. Me and Daniel were both super impressed! lol


This last week or so we’ve been taking trips to the mall when Daniel gets home. Since its right down the street we go just to walk around. While I do it in the hopes that I can walk this baby out, it is also good because Carter gets to run from store to store and get some of his energy out. He does the cutest thing where he’ll run into the entrance of a store and dance to the music they are playing and then run out to dance in the next one. I swear this kid can dance and  I have no idea where he got it from.


It seems like most malls in the area have little play places for kids to go and get their energy out now too. So we sometimes stop at those and let Carter run around. I’ll be honest I’m not really a fan of these places. I just don’t like crowds and these places tend to be pretty full (never go on a Monday or weekend). I also get so much anxiety because most of the little kids are just mean. They push, they shove, they run around like crazies and their parents are usually off to the side on their phone or talking… Completely oblivious to the fact that their kid just pushed my kid off the stairs. I just hate when parents let their kids run wild… ugh (Ok… vent over)SAM_2826

I’m grateful Carter hasn’t picked up on the whole fight and push for what you want thing yet, but he is just so passive that it’s easy for him to get pushed around.

We were at one play place and this little girl started pushing Carter down the slide with her feet because he was going down too slow. Carter didn’t really seem to care but it just made me so sad, anxious, and upset. We ended up leaving which made Carter upset, so then I was even more upset because I was the one who couldn’t handle it. Carter just wanted to play. I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do when I send this kid off to kindergarten. I’m not ready for him to meet the rough and tumble world of “other kids”, he’s just too sweet and innocent.

SAM_2714All in all, we got pretty lucky with this kid. He is just such a sweet, gentle, smart kid… but with a definite mischievous side! lol Man oh man do I love my “Baby Carter”.  He’s my bestest buddy and I’m so grateful for everyday I get to spend with him!


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