Sammie’s Birth

Sammie’s birth is definitely one for the records, so I wanted to make sure to write it down sooner rather than later. Bear with me it’s long… I don’t want to leave anything out!


So on Thursday night I was feeling pretty average on the pregnancy front. I had some heartburn but I was assuming that was from the massive amounts of spaghetti I had for dinner…. annnd the half a bag of gummy worms I had for dessert after that. lol I was just talking to my mom who was gonna come out to help after Sammie’s birth. She said she was thinking of driving out the next day (Friday) because she thought I’d be in labor soon. I told her if I was gonna be in labor soon my body sure hadn’t got the memo. I’ll be honest, I was frustrated with the lack of labor signs I’d been having in the last few days. I told her the baby was happy where he was and was never gonna come out.

Famous last words…

That same night, (or the next morning I guess) around 1 am, I woke up feeling really gassy and like I really needed to go to the bathroom. (tmi?) I dunno.. lol But even after I went I still felt lots of pressure, like really bad gas. I figured it was dinner coming back to haunt me and tried to lay back down. It was like a constant pressure/cramp/pain and was super uncomfortable, so I figured I’d get up and walk around a little until it went away.

So I went out to the front room and sat on my yoga ball for a bit and it actually helped. The pain got less and less but when I was finally thinking about going back to bed the pain came back. So I figured what better way to deal with pain than do dishes! Lol I figured since I was up anyways I might as well. Plus I get so frustrated when I can’t sleep and cleaning makes me feel better.

As I was doing dishes I realized that my pain was coming in waves. That’s when it finally hit me… Oh my gosh I think this is labor. Well the pain was probably only a 5 at the time so I didn’t want to wake Daniel up. One of my biggest fears was going to the hospital because I thought I was in labor when I actually wasn’t. So I kept cleaning. It took me forever to do the dishes because I had to stop to breathe during each contraction.

I decided that maybe I should start writing down every time I had a contraction so I knew how far apart they were. It was something along the lines of 1:47, 1:52, 1:59, 2:03… So a normal person would assume oh look 5 mins apart time to go to the hospital… But they just didn’t hurt like I had heard/ read about. And they were nowhere CLOSE to as painful as the pitocin induced labor I had with Carter… So I kept cleaning. I figured I’d wait til three to go to the hospital. So I packed a bag for Carter and got all my stuff for the hospital together, but I was stopping about every 5 mins to breath through contractions. I was strangly calm and not really too worried.

Well around 2:30 I was pretty much ready to go so I woke Daniel up. He was really confused and surprised. It was funny because he got up and immediately started rushing around all disorientated. I told him not to worry we had lots of time.


We got Carter and the car packed and were on our way to the hospital around 3. My doctors’ hospital was about 40 mins away so I figured the extra time would be good so that my labor could really get going. I was so worried on the drive there that we were going too soon. In between contractions I felt great. What if it was just gas? Or Braxton Hicks contractions? What if I wasn’t far enough and they sent us home?

We ended up dropping Carter off at the bakery instead of going straight to the hospital because I honestly didn’t think I was far enough in labor to go straight there. Daniel was a little sad it wasn’t more urgent because he said it was the one time he could have sped and got away with it. Lol

However, as we were leaving the bakery the contractions were definitely getting stronger. Sitting in the car was just the worst. We hit two red lights on the way to the hospital and they were the longest reds EVER. I just wanted to get out of the car.

We finally got to the hospital a little after 4. Since I didn’t pre-register check-in took a little while. I had to stop and breath through a contraction or two but I think I was just so calm that they weren’t too concerned about rushing. They sent me to the triage room where they had me pee in a cup (which was hard because I was really dehydrated) and then lay in a bed while they continued to check me in.

They couldn’t find my file that Dr Colby had sent over so I spent about 15 or 20 mins answering questions about my blood type and my last period… Kind of annoying but it was fine because she let me stand up and breath through the contractions. They were getting more intense so I asked the nurse what exactly I needed, to prove I was “in labor”. She said I just needed to show dilation progress. So in my head I was hoping and praying that I had dilated past the 4 I was at my last doctors appointment. I just wanted a 4 and 1/2 or 5. That’s all I was thinking when she finally checked me.

Well I about died from joy when she looked at me a little surprised and said, “You’re a seven!”. I was a seven!!! I was so excited that one, I was actually in labor and two, they weren’t gonna send me home!

Well as soon as the nurse realized I was a seven, things started to pick up and quick. They took me to my room and both Daniel and I could tell that suddenly the nurse was rushing. She called and had a nurse set up the baby table and had another nurse put in my IV. She also said they called Dr Colby and he was on his way. With Carter they didn’t even call Dr Colby until after I had started pushing. I kept thinking, why are they getting everything set-up already?

When Dr Colby got there, around 4:45 he checked me and said I was an 8 and that he could break my water and get things going. I was super shocked. I had only just been checked into my room. I think I’d only sat on the bed for five minutes. I wasn’t ready to have the baby yet. I wanted to have some time to sit in the room and prepare!

So I asked how fast I would go if he broke my water. He said there was no way to tell. Now as a side note I went into this labor planning to go without an epidural. We had a scare with Carter and his heartbeat when I got the epidural and I almost had to have a c-section. I wasn’t completely opposed to it if the pain got too unbearable, I just wanted to avoid it if I could. So I asked if I could still get an epidural after he broke my water. If you want one you can get it at any time. So I asked again, even after my water breaks? Yes. Ok, let’s break my water.

20140120-033303.jpgJust knowing that I could get an epidural was enough to make me ok with “getting things going”. Well after Dr. Colby broke my water he wasn’t joking, things really got going. Suddenly my contractions felt like fire. After two contractions I was screaming during their peak. Gone was my calm breathing. It hurt and I couldn’t even bear it!

At this point I started screaming for an epidural. They sent for the anesthesiologist and about one contraction later the he was there. He started telling me all the scary possible side effects and said I just needed to sign the paper. It was so painful at that point, I didn’t care. But before I could sign I had another contraction. While I did my best not to scream I was apparently moving around a lot! The anesthesiologist took one look at me and flat out said “You can’t have an epidural”.

This was my breaking point. I just remember saying over and over as he left, you can’t give me anything? And in my head thinking I can’t do this with out medicine. How am I suppose to do this without medicine? They said I could get an epidural. I felt so hopeless, it was probably my lowest point in labor. I was caught so off guard that this is how it was going to happen. I wasn’t ready.

The next three contractions were death! I can’t even describe it. I just screamed at the top of my lungs to try to make it hurt less… It didn’t.

I guess my screaming was significantly loud because Dr Colby came back and checked me. I was 9 and 1/2 and ready to push.

I told him I wasn’t ready. It hurt too bad. I couldn’t. He calmly reminded me that I didn’t really have a choice. Looking bad it’s funny how calm he was the whole time about everything. He wasn’t mean, just matter of fact. I’m sure he had a good laugh later because I was kind of a hysterical mess… Lol

Somehow I ended up on the bed, Daniel holding one leg and the nurse holding the other. I don’t remember much except that I needed this pain to stop. So in the middle of me yelling I can’t, I started pushing! Daniel said the second I started pushing he could see the top of Sammie’s head. One more push and his head was out. A third and I was done.



So at 5:09 my little Samuel Darius Turley joined our family. He was 6 pounds 9 ounces and 18.5 inches long and just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Less than an hour after arriving at the hospital I was done! It was the most surreal thing of my life… I was a little worried that it was just a dream and I’d have to wake up and do it again. I don’t know how I did it because I was 100% sure I wouldn’t survive. But I made it. I survived and “just like that”, I had a baby.

Sammie didn’t cry right away like Carter did when he was born, and was a lovely shade of purple. They cleaned out his mouth and nose though and he was good to go. It’s funny because he actually was licking his lips and looking for food when he was born and man oh man is this kid an eater!

I did get to hang out in the delivery room for about an hour and just cuddle with Sammie. I don’t remember doing that with Carter. He nursed for 45 mins right off the bat and the whole time I kept saying to Daniel, “I just had a baby!” It was by far the craziest, most painful night of my life, but I’ve already forgiven little Sammie for all the pain he caused. It was soo worth it to be able to hold this little stinker in my arms!



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