The last 6 weeks

I can’t believe it’s been six weeks already. It has been the longest and quickest six weeks of my life. I had big plans for today… I was gonna vacuum, cook, and even take a stab at potty training. But alas I took some medicine for my shoulder and now all I want to do is eat, sleep, and barf. Fun right? So blogging it is…


Life with two kids has been quite the adjustment. Carter decided that Sammie’s birth was the perfect time to start his terrible two tantrums. They are random and terrible and actually sorta violent! (He likes to hit walls)

It’s getting better but I feel bad for our poor upstairs neighbors who have to listen to his twenty-minute tantrums while in time out.

Besides occasionally showing his age Carter is actually doing really well at adjusting. He lets me take care of Sammie when I need to, but also let’s me know when he needs some TLC. I swear he’s grown into a “big boy” in just a few weeks!


Speaking of big boys, have I mentioned how ridiculously huge Sammie is now? He is putting on the pounds like nobodies business. Yesterday while buying groceries the lady in the checkout line asked how old Sammie was, when I told her she said, ” Wow! He’s big for a six-week old!”

It made my mommy heart soar! Finally I get to have a “big” baby! haha Chubby babies are just cute. It’s probably a scientific fact or something. I just can’t wait!!!

So how else have things changed around here?

I’ve noticed that with two munchkins sleep is hard to come by… Really hard. And the boys work together to make sure that any sleep I might get is stopped at all costs. I don’t know how many times I’ve finally gotten Sammie to sleep after his 5 am feeding, only to turn around and see Carter sitting quietly on the rocking chair.

Did I mention how Carter also no longer sleeps? He refuses to nap anymore and wakes up every morning at 7! What?!? How is that even possible? I have a suspicion it is caused by teething, but who really knows. (He has at least 4 teeth coming in right now.)


As for me, my adjusting has been anything but graceful. I NEED sleep. Carter was such a good sleeper… I need good sleepers. I’m getting better though. Lots of days I just want to stay in bed, but I get up anyways.

Part of the reason I think I haven’t been getting enough sleep is my darn shoulder. Its been hurting since I was pregnant. At first I thought it was just a symptom of pregnancy cuz let’s be honest, everything hurts when you’re pregnant. Then I had the baby and it was still hurting. Not only that, but it was getting progressively more painful, making it harder to sleep at night. Well I finally went to the doctors today. He thinks I have Shoulder Bursitis… basically an inflamed sac in my shoulder. He put me on some crazy pain/anti-inflamatory medicine… We’ll see if it works.

I HATE taking medicine. I think the body should be able to heal itself. But what do I know… So that’s whats going on in our neck of the woods. Not really very exciting but magically fun at the same time!

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P.S. If you want a good laugh, ask me about potty training. I’m pretty sure I gave it the world’s shortest try. (I’m still cleaning up all the poop from it)


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