Sick day

I have so many blog posts I need to catch up on. Maybe today will be the day?

Right now Me, Carter, and Sammie are all hanging out in my room. Carter is on the rocking chair and me and Sammie are in bed.

Carter had a small fever last night and now has a runny nose and an icky cough. Sammie is refusing to eat and even after I cleaned his nose (which wasn’t stuffy) I had to fight him to eat more than 3 ounces.

Being sick stinks. But having sick babies is even worse!

Did I mention Carter put himself down for a nap at ten this morning. Talk about super sick, he refuses to nap every other day.

So we are spending a sick day in… Hopefully Sammie is just being a picky eater and Carter has a one day cold…

A girl can hope right?


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