Learning to Relax

We went to the park last night for family night. Carter was so excited even though it had been ages since we’d been to that park. There were maybe tenish kids there, which to me is a LOT! I’ve already mentioned my dislike for crowds. Daniel offered for us to go up the canyon instead, but I decided that it was time to let Carter be a wild 2 year old. (I mean he already split his head open once and survived. He’s a tough cookie)

Well it turns out going from a super protective mom to a super semi-lenient one is hard.

Really hard.

I had to watch as Carter climbed the stairs to the little slides on his own. I had to let him go down, at lightning speed, even though I knew he’d  land right on his tush.


I had to watch him cross on the shaky bridge. He was super cautious at first, which eased my stress a little. But the next thing I knew, he was happily jumping on the bridge. So I watched him jump and jump completely un-phased by its danger.


But by far, the worst part for my protective heart, was watching Carter climb the ladder to go to the big slide. Of course they put the big curly (most fun) slide on a part of the jungle gym that can only be reached by climbing a giant dangerous slippery ladder or two.


Dramatic much? Yeah maybe a little…

He did all that and more, and guess what? He survived, and so did I. We were also lucky that the kids who were there were really good about not knocking Carter over, or pushing him out of their way. I actually talked to one of the moms there and she was pregnant expecting Baby #7! Wow. She had 5 boys, 1 girl, and another girl due in two weeks. Her kids were most of the kids that were playing at the park and she had raised them to be wild climbing boys, but gentle at the same time? I loved watching them with their little brother (who was Carters age). It definitely gave me hope that there are still kids out there who know how to behave and have fun at the same time.

It was such a fun day out and a great learning experience for me and Carter (but mostly me… Carter just had fun playing). It also got me super excited for the summer!!! I want my boys to spend as much time outdoors as possible this year… It’s been a loooong winter.


P.S. Check out Sammie’s hair in the sun! Oh my little redhead!

P.S.S. What is family night without treats? Sonic anyone? Yes, PLEASE!

(sorry about the lame picture Daniel…I only got the one :/)





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