Playing Ketchup

Wow have I been bad at blogging lately. So much has happened that I’ve gotten to the point where catching up is gonna be pretty much impossible, sooooo…. I guess I’ll just lay it all out here and hope I don’t forget any of the good stuff.

March 7th: Carter was playing at a wedding reception and ran into the corner of a door. We were out to dinner with Will and Kaitlyn, so lucky for me I wasn’t there to see all the screaming and blood gushing. Yuck. We took him to Insta-Care and they were able to glue it right up, which was great. He still has a scar so maybe when he’s older he can make up a story about how he was attacked by a dinosaur or something (He really loves the sharp-tooth on the Land Before Time)


April 16th: Daniel’s youngest sister left on her mission to San Jose, California. She is speaking Spanish so will spend the first little while in the Mexico MTC. She is going to be an awesome missionary. We didn’t get to send her off because her flight was at 6 am! (which means she had to be at the airport at like 4:30) But we did get to go to her farewell the Sunday before annnd her setting apart the day before. Sidenote: I also formally met and talked with my former arch nemesis Rosey aka Carter’s almost mommy… Definitely a blog worthy moment! lol


This picture was taken by Treasa Stewart… I may have stolen it ūüėČ

April 17th: Carter and Sammie had a checkup at the doctors. Carter was better than usual, but let’s be honest here, he hates doctors. Carter has grown so much the nurse had to weigh him twice to make sure the number was right. He is finally in the “normal” range for height and shot up to the 25% in weight! Sammie had his 3 month check-up on the same day. He is my little fatty boy, but as it turns out his weight is pretty average. His height on the other hand is like 7% so he is a shortie¬†like Carter was, but with more weight. It makes for lots of rolls, which I LOVE!¬†photo (29)

April 18th: Carter turned TWO! I just can’t really believe it! He is such a big boy. He talks like crazy ALL¬†the time and is non-stop on the go. He has definitely started showing his age and has his terrible two tantrums down! The good thing is that most of the time I can talk him down so he doesn’t completely lose control. He is also super smart! He loves to count and point out colors and shapes (the only shape he actually knows is circle lol) He really is such a good boy and I love him to (30)

My family¬†also was in town for the weekend so we were able to have a small party for Carter with them and my grandparents. I made Carter a “choo-choo” cake! But better than his birthday Carter loved getting to spend lots of time with his Papa Martinez. They played together pretty much 24/7.


April 19th: We had a party for my Grandparents 50th Anniversary! It was at Golden Corral and it was lots of fun. Almost all of the family was able to attend and we got a pretty sweet picture of most of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. cousins

April 20th: Easter! We were blessed enough to have Sammie’s blessing on Easter Sunday. There¬†was a bit of a mix-up though. The bishop thought we were doing it at home and we thought we were doing it at church… So it ended up being towards the end or sacrament meeting. It was a little stressful for me but it ended up working out. I loving baby blessings. They are so special and sweet. Our little Sammie has such a bright future and has so many people who love him sooo much.


One of the only pictures of Sammie on his blessing day. Thanks Ashlee Curtis!

April 21st: We went to the zoo! Carter loved all the animals and Sammie napped most of the time. It was super empty that day so I loved it too. (I hate crowds) The funniest thing I think was that Carter chose to ride around in the stroller instead of walk? It was so unlike him but I guess he just enjoyed being pushed around since whenever I have him and Sammie he has to walk. lol


April 30th: Our three-year anniversary! I think my sister Amanda said it best when she said how impressed she was that Daniel has been able to stick it out with me for this long! lol He’s the greatest guy I know and I am sooo blessed to have a husband as amazing as him!10313541_10152378840884824_9006967654297092965_n

May 5th:¬†Daniel’s Grandpa Ferrin passed away. He died of a stroke. He was an amazing man and I really only knew him for a short time. Still, I knew he was a smart, funny, hardworking man, who loved the gospel. My favorite memory of him was when he told Jessica that she was wearing barb-wire clothes, “enough to protect the property, but not spoil the view” hahaha

May 10th:¬†The funeral for G-pa Ferrin. I missed most of the services on account of Carter having a never-ending screaming fit. But the bits and pieces I heard were wonderful. Toward the end of the service Will and Kaitlyn came to the room where I was “holding Carter captive” (lol) and helped out. It was nice to see them and hear a little about their exciting life! (especially because they are leaving soon to Kentucky, which might as well be the moon, it’s so far away lol)

May 11th: Mother’s Day! It was nice. I got to sleep in and Daniel was on diaper duty (almost) all day! He made me bacon wrapped filet mignon (super fancy… it was frozen and he cooked it lol) and bought me a big bag of skittles. Super chill but still wonderful.

OK! Talk about the longest post EVER! Hopefully I covered everything buuut no promises. Thanks for reading, if you made it this far you are a true friend (or related to me) lol

p.s I just re-read this post… Sooo many typos, but I am way to lazy to fix them, enjoy mom! ūüėČ

p.s.s. Ketchup… get it? lol Well I thought it was funny! haha


2 thoughts on “Playing Ketchup

  1. When you put Carter’s head wound first, I thought you meant ketchup for the blood. Lol. Then I realized you were trying to catch up. Spelling errors, aargh! Haha.

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