5 Months

So I’m a little late but… Sammie is 5 months old!


And as you can see by this picture, he is a very happy (and drooly) boy! He loves to sit up and can sit for quite a while on his own now. He also really loves tummy time, which is so strange to me because Carter hated it!

We’ve just recently started him on solids. Mostly in the hopes that it would help him sleep better… it hasn’t.

photo (39)

It’s not that he is a bad sleeper, he’s just not a great one. lol I guess I got spoiled by Carter, the sleeping machine. Sammie is a short sleeper. It’s a good day if we get him to take a hour long nap. At night he sleeps for 6-8 hours though, so I really shouldn’t complain…photo (40)

Sammie still LOVES/adores his big brother. Today Carter started lining up some cars near where Sammie was sitting and the kid about died from joy! lol


Happy 5 months Bubby!


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