Movie Day

Today I am exhausted. We’ve had a busy/stressful week, which is a good change from our normal (non-busy) routine. But it has definitely taken its toll on me and my house… So today is movie day where we will probably sit around and do nothing but watch movies. Although in reality movies only keep Carter interested for an hour and doesn’t really help with destructive Sammie. But I’ll take any breaks where I can.

Speaking of Sammie he is ridiculously big now. He just had his 9 month appointment. Here are his stats:
Weight- 19# 10oz -30ish %
Height- 27 1/4″- 20ish % (can you tell I was paying such good attention? Lol with two very active kids to wrangle listening isn’t always my forte.)
Head- 50%

So actually Sammie is somewhat small for his age but he is one solid little boy and so round that I just think he is a monster compared to Carter at this age. Sammie is all things mischievous. He pulls the safety plugs out of the wall and sucks on them. He takes ALL of the DVDs out of the bookshelf. He sits under the table and eats any and all food he can find! He is bottomless this kid. He loves solids and prefers eating real food to formula (which I don’t blame him… I mean formula, gross). He also thinks he’s already one. He walks along furniture like a pro, and can take up to five steps on his own! He’s only 9 months old!!! Why is he growing up so fast?

Carter is also growing up too fast. He always amazes me at how smart he is. Really, half the things he tells me I don’t remember ever teaching him. He is really good at picking up what other people are saying. The other day he called Daniel “Love” which is what I sometimes call him! Haha! He’s such a funny kid. Carter is 2 1/2! Did you know!?

When we went in for Sammie’s 9 month appointment we also got Carter’s measurements:
Height- 35″
Weight- 28#
He hasn’t really gained much but he definitely has gotten taller! 2T is too big for his waist but is starting to look like high-waters on him… He’d probably still fit into 18 month clothes if they were longer! Carter is pretty well potty trained. He still has accidents but we are getting to where accidents are way less often. He even wears underwear in the car! It’s so nice! Now we just have to get Sammie potty trained 😉

Life with two kids is hard. Really hard. Don’t get me wrong I love it, but keeping track of two little bodies can be difficult. They outnumber me!!! It is getting easier though. Mostly because Sammie is getting tougher everyday. He can take anything Carter can dish out, and it helps that he almost weighs the same as his big brother. Everyday they are getting better at playing together and I am so grateful for that!

Daniel is in this last semester of his undergrad. Woot! But is thinking of going to graduate school in Texas! Dah! We’ll see what happens. He takes the GMAT(?) in three weeks. He’s a little stressed about it but I know he’ll do awesome. He is always so good about helping with the kids even when he has so much to worry about. I definitely rely on him for help daily. (Shoutout to all you single moms and dads out there, you do what I can’t even dream of doing!) I’m so thankful for Daniel!

Speaking of thankful. I’m super thankful for my sister too. She is staying with us until she goes on her mission to Guatamala (in two months!!!). She helps with the kids, a lot! I’m pretty sure she has saved my kids, “from the wrath of mommy” at least a dozen times. Ha!

All in all life here is good. 🙂


A little silly…


… and sometimes whiney…


…but definitely good!


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