This is just a friendly Public Service Announcement to all you cute, adorable, and somewhat mischievous two-year-olds out there:

First and foremost, your little brother is not a trampoline, stop using him as one.

Secondly, 4:18 AM is not an acceptable time to wake up and demand underwear, even after daylight savings.

Third, if you cut your head DO NOT let your mom put a band aid on it. You will just end up with a bald spot when she tries to take off said band-aid and has to use scissors…

Fourth, throwing a fit for a toy doesn’t work.

Fifth, shouting “I need fun!” while in time out, doesn’t help either.

Sixth, The Lego Movie is not the only movie out there. Pick a different movie!  “Everything Is Awesome …not so awesome when you can’t seem to get the song out of your head.

Seventh, Peanut Butter Sandwiches… not a valid option for breakfast.

Eighth, the seams on peoples’ pants (strangers and family alike) are not “choo-choo train tracks” and driving your train on them is not allowed.

Ninth, taking a sucker from the candy bowl, licking it, and then putting back whenever mommy enters the room is always a bad idea.

Tenth, if you climb in your brother’s crib and can’t get out, you better believe your mom is gonna leave you in there for nap-time.

This has been a Public Service Announcement. Thank you for your time.



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