What doesn’t kill you…

You know that saying, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? That saying is the embodiment of my Sammie D. He is not only one tough cookie but he one tough cookie to raise!


He is 11 months old today and is such a spunky mischievous little boy, everyday is an adventure with him. So today I’m gonna give you a little insight on just how mischievous this little boys is…

  • First off, changing his diaper is like trying to wrestle a crocodile… during a death roll.
  • Everything goes in his mouth. Food (obviously), books, CD’s, clean and dirty diapers, his hands, ornaments, dirty socks (a favorite), paper, garbage, toys, other people’s toes, and pretty much anything that is within his reach.
  • Carter once told me Sammie ate a bug.  I didn’t actually see it, but I totally believe it.
  • This morning, I found him sucking on a quarter.
  • He once got his head stuck in the toilet.
  • He is fearless and will brazenly try anything… at least once…
  • The first time he met a flight of stairs he was halfway to the top before we even noticed he was near the stairs.
  • Speaking of stairs, did you know he fell down a flight of stairs on Sunday? Yup. Less than a minute later, he was up and running around as happy as can be. Not a single bump or bruise. I’m pretty sure I cried more than he did about that one.
  • He can’t talk yet, but he sure knows how to yell.
  • He has tried to dive out of my arms, off of my bed, or into a bath on more than one occasion.
  • He gets into EVERYTHING!  The trash, the bookshelves, the diaper genie, the Christmas tree, his dresser drawers, the toilet, the kitchen cabinets… I’m fairly certain he has even been able to open closed doors on occasion… although I have no proof.
  • He likes to play with the toilet paper roll. Not a big shock. But he waits until I’m watching to start unrolling the paper. Then, if he thinks I’m gonna stop him before he gets enough off, he frantically dives at “said toilet paper” to get the most bang for his buck.
  • Finally, (and I think this is the foundation for all the choices he makes) if he can’t eat it, he destroys it.

He is such a handful this kid. But really, most days he can get away with just about anything because he is so stinkin adorable! Darn those big brown eyes and chubby cheeks.

 Happy 11 months baby boy. I love you so very much!



2 thoughts on “What doesn’t kill you…

  1. Wiall thinks Emma looks like Sammie and Carter, haha. Might be because those are the only babies he has been around… I can’t believe Sammie is so big! We definitely miss you guys Tons!!!

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