Los Traviesos (The Menaces)

I just love the age that Carter and Sammie are at. They literally make me laugh…

Every. Single. Day.



Sammy saying “cheese!” lol

Today Sammie tried to run into the street and I had to run across our driveway to get him. My conversation with Carter (right after) went something like this:

“What happen Sammie, Mommy?”
“He tried to run into the street!”
*Shocked look on Carter’s face*
“We don’t run into the street or a car might hit us and Mommy would be sad. Wouldn’t you be sad if you didn’t have Sammie?”
*Thinks for a second* “No”
“No?! Who would you play with if you didn’t have Sammie?”
“You mommy!” As if that was the most ridiculous question I could ask.


Hahaha I can’t get anything past that kid.

Then there was that one time (yesterday) when I left a bag of starburst within the kids’ reach. I knew something was up when Carter came to my room and ever so quietly closed the door so I was locked in. I immediately stopped what I was doing (getting dressed) and followed him to the living room.


There was Sammie with two starbursts in his mouth (wrappers included), one in each hand, and a pile of just wrappers, that I’m assuming belonged to Carter because he doesn’t eat paper. Sammie was sticky for the rest of the day. Added Bonus: Every time I kissed Sammie he smelled sweet like starbursts lol

Then there was this:


Same day. Different junk food. Apparently I don’t share enough of the “good stuff” so they have to take it themselves.

Oh and I can’t forget the new game they started playing. It’s pretty complicated. They start by chasing each other around the house… Then, every few feet or so, they tackle one another. Really? The first time I saw Carter tackle Sammie I was on the you are in so much trouble train. But then Sammie jumped right up and immediately tackled Carter. All is well.


Carter has started negotiating… Or at least trying to. “Two more minute ok mommy.” OR “Maybe if I’m good boy I can… (Insert anything a two year old could want. A movie. Candy. No more bed time, ever.)


Meanwhile Sammie has mastered the dramatically throw yourself on the ground because my life is so hard move. And the cry because Carter looked at me the wrong way act. Let me tell you, this kid is a natural.


Man these boys are just too much sometimes.



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