Some Days

Dinner was a bust. Like maybe the worst dinner I’ve ever cooked in my life? Did I ever cook when I was younger mom? If I did, it was worse than that.

Do you know what happens when you cook asparagus for like an hour at 400? I do. It’s not pretty. Ha!

The rest of dinner wasn’t burnt but it wasn’t good either. Sammie chucked it all on the floor and Carter laid his head on the table and refused to eat.

In my defense, both the kids skipped their naps.  We had a busy day. No time for naps. ALWAYS make time for naps.

Daniel is working late tonight.

I can do hard things.

So now Sammie is sleeping in my room while Carter is screaming in his. He’s tired. And hungry. Bad combo. Maybe we’ll try dinner again when they wake up. (Which will probably be right around bed time, since they waited until 6 to nap)

Some days.

If you need me, I’ll just be sitting here, eating graham crackers, watching Grey’s Anatomy…


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