18 months

Sammie has really got the short end of the stick with this whole blogging thing. I’ve been so terrible at it. But guess what??? Sammie is 18 (almost 19) months old! I can’t believe how fast a year and a half has come and gone! My little red head baby is now a toddler/3 year old wannabe. He loves his big brother Carter and wants to do EVERYTHING his brother does. If Carter does it by himself, you better believe Sammie wants to do it on his own too. I’ve definitely had to learn to just roll with it. Sammie is full of personality! He won’t do anything unless he wants to and if you try to make him do anything he immediately does the exact opposite. He also has the cutest grumpy face. Seriously. I die over the amount of attitude this boy can dish out when he is particularly annoyed.   He is also the most lovey boy these days (which is a big change from his “I only love daddy” attitude). He loves giving kisses and is super good and saying sorry to his brother.  He also has gotten much better at sharing his “loves” with extended family and even friends.  Sammie has finally started trying to talk. His language has really exploded in the last few months. The other day he woke up from a nap and instead of just yelling, he was calling “Mama, Mama”! My heart melted and it was such a big deal, because this kid never says Mama. His first word was “wa-wa” (water) and I admit it gave me a little bit of a complex. But now he loves to mimic lots of different words, which is such a fun toddler stage!  We recently have started potty training  this kid and he is killing it! I’ve seriously been so surprised at how well he has done (knock on wood). What I’m realizing is that the only hindrance has been me! I get so stressed if he goes too long without using the potty, that I’m just so ready to give up. And then he takes himself to the potty and I’m like what am I so worried about? Anyways, I’m giving it another week and then we’ll decide whether to continue or not. We finally figured out cloth again with this kid (he was getting crazy diaper rashes for a while), so it’s no harm no foul either way. One thing we are just realizing is that he hates the little potty. So we are gonna get him a toliet cover so he can go on the big potty! We’ll see how it goes… All in all this little boy is growing up so fast it’s ridiculous. I love his big personality and how much he loves being a “big boy”. He has the cutest cheesy smile, adorable big brown eyes and eyelashes for days!!! I miss his baby rolls, but love that he still has his super kissable chubby cheeks. He is such a blessing in our lives and the perfect fit for our little family!

I love you Sammie D!!!



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