So it’s been a while. I know all three of my hardcore blog followers have missed me desperately right?!? lol Lately I’ve really had a desire to sit down and write a blog, but I can’t ever think of anything to write about, so I just don’t. Then I complain when other people who I blog stalk aren’t posting anything. lol

Anywho I’m back!!! Sooo lots has happened since I last blogged. I’m pregnant! Woot! It’s been a rough journey so far but I’m starting to feel less and less like death.

The first two months I was pregnant I pretty much lived off saltines and plain dry bread. It’s all kind of a blur at this point but I don’t even know how I survived the endless nausea and fatigue. I know I cried a lot, my kids watched an inordinate amount of movies, and the house was always a disaster. But we survived!!! And now I have more good days than bad, and as long as I make sure I’m eating enough, I don’t feel anywhere as bad as I use to. 😊

Speaking of food this pregnancy has been all about carbs and dairy! Bagels with cream cheese and pizza are probably the two things I want to eat all the time! Even during my bad nausea time, cold Hawaiian pizza just made my heart sing. Isn’t that so weird?!? I love it though.

But enough about me I know everyone reads this to hear about the kids.

Daniel’s family had a Christmas party and all the kids acted out the Christmas story! Carter was a shepherd and he took his job very seriously. Sammie was a wise-man but he refused to go on stage, so Daniel saved the day and went out with him! haha It was so fun to watch! Sammie had a grumpy face for most of the time but it was so sweet and I think it helped my kids better visualize the story of our Savior’s birth and the real reason behind Christmas!

A little more about Carter, he is SO funny. Seriously he just cracks me up. This morning Daniel got the kids up and let me sleep in until 9:30 (it was glorious)! So obviously I woke up in a great mood. I was just so happy I couldn’t stop smiling (this is weird by the way because I am NOT a morning person, ever). So I come out and say good morning and Carter runs over , sensing my happiness, and says, “Mommy, come look at my bed!!!” So I follow him to his room, thinking he built a fort or something on his bed. Nope.

It was a pile of throw up. Seriously.

It was so disgusting and I was just like why did you save this for me and not show Daddy?!? But it was also so sooo funny! He was just so excited to show me!! hahaha That’s real love guys. 😂 Anyways he just such a character and I love it!

Oh, and speaking of Carter’s *ahem* surprise this morning, every holiday I discover how much my kids really just can’t handle their junk food. We always have cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk for Christmas breakfast. And I always loved it as a kid! I would eat and drink so much and then spend the rest of the day munching on candy. I don’t remember ever getting sick. But both of the boys got upset tummies after yesterday.  I guess it’s not a bad thing, but enjoying sweets every once in a while isn’t either! Sooo we’ll try again next year. 😉

As for Sammie he is gonna be two in a few weeks!!! I can’t believe it! I’ll have to do a special blog post for his birthday, but a quick update would be he is just the sweetest. I just can’t get over how adorably sweet he is. But he is also a “rough boy”! lol (I’ll have to add a video at the end to explain that)

We had a good Christmas though. The boys got spoiled as always! Carter slept out by the tree to see Santa come. We told Sammie he could sleep by the tree too but he wouldn’t have any of that. He went to his room and pretty much put himself to bed… Haha

We spend the morning opening present and then braved the snowy roads to go visit Grandma and Grandpa Turley! The whole family was there and we had lots of fun!

Jessica got me and Daniel for the gift exchange and I just have to say it was such a cute and thoughtful gift! She got all the fixings for a family movie night! Seriously so cute! Annnnnd she is giving us a date night (to go eat PIZZA and see a movie), which I’m so excited about! Anywho she’s the best! (even if Sammie’s face says otherwise! lol) 😉


One more Christmas story. I got Daniel a foam disc gun for his birthday (I think) and Carter always wants to play with it. So for Christmas, Carter asked Santa for “a gun like daddies”(imagine being the Santa who heard a three year old say that!). haha So sure enough Santa brought a two pack of disc guns (because he’s a smart cookie and knows Sammie would want one too… always thinking Santa😉). So then we had three disc guns. Perfect, because mommy doesn’t want to get involved in all the shooting violence. :p Then we got to Grandpa Turley’s house and it turns out aunt Laura had been in cahoots with Santa too because she got the kids another disc gun. So now we have FOUR disc guns! Haha Soo if you ever want to have an epic battle with foam discs just come on over to our house, we are totally prepared for anything. 😂

Long story short we are so blessed! Even when things feel so hard and impossible there is just too much good in our life to ever feel down for very long. I definitely have my share of hard days and sometimes I complain way too much. But then all it takes is a sweet hug from my boys and I’m reminded how incredible my life really is! 😉



I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!!

p.s. Here’s a link to the video I mentioned earlier. It totally reminds me and Daniel of our boys! haha


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