Bubble Wrap

My boys are the most rough and tumble kids. They love to tackle each other, for no particular reason, then that it’s fun! I use to worry, now I just watch and hope for the best. 😬 Surprisingly they haven’t had any major injuries as a result *knock on wood*

The other day when we were are Joy School, I was playing with Sammie and I found a giant bite bruise on his arm. And by giant I mean 100% Carter size! He hasn’t bitten anyone since he was two so I was super surprised. So I asked Carter if he bit Sammie. His response, “yup!” The problem is I couldn’t even be super mad because Sammie bites Carter ALL THE TIME. 

Then I saw Sammies neck. There were tons of scratches on it. And Carter had similar scratches on his neck… What are these kids doing when I’m not looking?!?

Throw in the bruise that was healing on sammies face and I’m pretty sure my kids look like they’re abused. 

With this sediment fresh on my mind, Carter ran across the living room, tripped and face planted on the entry way floor. I knew when he started screaming there would be blood. And of course blood came pouring out of his lip (and I thought above his teeth). I was sure that his front teeth would fall out and he’d have to be toothless for the next 8 years… 

He just ended up with a fat lip but man did I feel extra bad after that. My kids are so beat up and bruised it’s a wonder they can still function. 

Before I was a mom, if I saw kids with cuts, bruises, or any injury in general, I was always a little concerned. Now I 100% get it. Kids are wild (especially my kids), and there isn’t enough bubble wrap or padded walls in the world to keep them safe! lol So next time you see my kids and they have a giant bruise on their forehead or something, DON’T PANIC, they just play as hard and have the marks to prove it! 😉


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