Being a Mom

I wrote this yesterday when I was having a terrible horrible no good very bad day. Today is a million times better, thank goodness. Plus it’s almost the weekend!!! Party!!! Anywho, here you go: 

Some days are just hard. Like when you wake up feeling like death hard. I’m almost half way through this pregnancy and this is actually the first time that I’ve been sick-sick, you know, sore throat, runny nose kind of sick. I forgot how fun it is to feel like this and a million months pregnant (when I’m only actually 4 months along šŸ˜¬) at the same time.

Sooooo we may have all stayed in bed until 10 watching Paw Patrol… Which may or may not be part of the reason today has been so hard.

I don’t know, some days (especially when I’m sick) being a mom feels like such a hard, thankless job. I spend all day taking care of these two tiny humans who seem to do everything in their power to make me want to pull out all my hair!

The other day I emailed a friend about how jealous I was that she gets to travel and have all these fun experiences, while I sit at home and try to get my two year old to poop on the potty. What she responded with really got me thinking. She said she was sometimes jealous of me! I mean, does she know that I’m still in my robe and haven’t showered in two days?!? Or that I spent the morning taping up ripped up movie boxes that Carter decided needed a makeover? 

Being a mom is anything but glamorous. It’s cleaning out poopy underwear, scrubbing jelly off the forever sticky kitchen table, and trying to get your toddler to nap because you know they will be a monster if they don’t. It’s finding your kids hidden behind the recliner eating the starbursts you got for Christmas and not knowing whether to laugh or cry because they ate them with the wrappers on. It’s timeouts, meltdowns, screaming fits over breakfast, and all around destruction of all things clean, organized, and new. 

But when I really stop and think, being a mom really is the best job. I get to tickle little tummies and kiss booboos. I get to chase monsters and have ridiculous  dance parties to the same song over and over. I love watching them play nicely together after a morning of endless fights or when they have laughing fits over the way one of them said granola bar. Being a mom really is beautiful. It’s slobbery kisses, early morning cuddles, and laughing until you cry because kids really do say the darnedest things. 

I’d be lying if I said everyday was easy, because most days aren’t. But sometimes all it takes is the worlds tiniest poop in the potty to turn around a rotten day. So we’ll just be here praying for poop, smiles, and no more sick grumpy mommy…  šŸ˜ Wish us luck!


One thought on “Being a Mom

  1. Love it! It is the hardest job I’ve ever done, and yet the most beautiful too. On the outside I might be jealous of those who get to go to work, who have a real lunch break, whose brains don’t feel like mush, but deep down I know that I am incredibly lucky for the life I live.

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