Baby Turley #3

First off, thanks everyone for all your kind words!!! It really means so much to our family! I think everyone knew it was going to be a girl except me. I still don’t entirely believe it!!! Anyways thanks so much! I read all your comments and seriously smiled at every single one! Love you guys! (Maybe even as much as Sammie loved this giant minion balloon. lol)

On completely different note, me and Facebook are in fight. And my stubbornness is pretty much preventing me from getting on my Facebook for the next little while. Sooo if you want updates on our lives and my kids and whatnot I’ll be on Instagram (where I post pretty much EVERYTHING about our lives- username: cmmz88) and I’ll be on here from time to time! Just in case you’re interested. 😉 I’m not a blogger or anything, but subscribe!(if you can do that on here…) haha

Ok now for the good stuff!

This pregnancy is seriously kicking my butt. I was up all Tuesday night just worrying and stressing about yesterday’s doctors appointment. I’ve had such a hard time getting on board with this pregnancy. Mostly I’ve just been stressing!

I feel like I’m huge, everyone says I’m not. But in comparison to the last two I am ginormous. (Also every time I scroll past that picture I see my awesome double chin… just thought you all might want to enjoy that too 😉 ) Speaking of comparisons, can I just say that this pregnancy has been so so so so sooo different than the last two. I seriously should have just known it was a girl. But I really truly just expected to be a mom to all boys. Don’t ask me why but I 100% expected THIS to be my life, for the rest of my life!

Superheros, capes, thomas the train underwear, you know, the works. (I promise I dress this kid everyday, but it’s usually in vain)

Our appointment yesterday wasn’t until 3:30, so I had most of the day to just worry, and I honestly spent more time than I’d like to admit just crying. (I’m telling you this baby has me an emotional mess). Anything and everything makes me cry these days, and even though I’m probably just a big baby, I’m gonna go ahead and blame the pregnancy for that one, because I can.

But 3:30 finally came and it was so reassuring to finally get to see our baby!!!

First off, there’s definitely only one! (Thanks mom for making me legitimately worry that there would be more. #takethatmotherscurse) Everything is growing and developing right on track, and I was so shocked when she told us we were expecting a baby GIRL!!!

Daniel said his heart skipped a beat! He is so excited guys! Seriously he kept saying how he really wanted a little girl, and I (being the always optimistic one) was just like, don’t hold your breath. lol I’m excited to see how they will interact. I’m pretty sure she will be a Daddy’s girl, which already makes me a little jealous! haha No worries though I bet she’ll still be on Team Mommy when all the boys try to gang up on us!

So a few people asked what Carter and Sammie thought about the new baby. Honestly they weren’t too interested in the gender. Carter kept telling the ultrasound technician (I literally just looked up the name for that, because I was gonna call her a sonogrammer) that it was a boy. Mostly they kept asking if they could go back to the waiting room to watch Finding Nemo. lol Oh well. I have got some pretty good name suggestions from Carter though. He said we should name the baby “Grandma Martinez”. Then when I told him that probably wouldn’t be a good name for a baby he settled for “Serena” or “Aunt Laura”. He’s an original thinker this kid. lol

After the appointment, we stopped by Smiths on the way home and got our “gender reveal balloons”. I’m so lame when it comes to cute gender reveal ideas so I just stick with the tried and true balloons! 🙂 I also though we should get jelly filled donuts to celebrate! They had one with pink frosting and I totally bought it!!

The boys really loved walking around the store with their balloons. And the lady was nice enough to put a weight on each balloon so we didn’t accidentally lose one! p.s. We ate the donuts this morning… yuck. And then I remembered I totally made the same mistake when I was pregnant with Sammie. The donuts at Smith’s are always dry, don’t do it!

Afterwards we celebrated by eating out at Culver’s! I love that place. It seems to be a lot of old people who eat there, which honestly makes me like it even more! lol Their custard is seriously so rich and creamy, I couldn’t even finish it, but in a good way of course!

And everywhere I looked I saw pink!

Even the sunset was pink! Obviously my kids put their best face forward for this picture. lol

When we finally got home, it was late and we were exhausted, but I made everyone try to get a good “gender reveal” picture! This was our first attempt, but using a timer for the picture just didn’t work out.

My cousin posted a picture asking how people get clear pictures of babies  in baths, but I really want to know how people get clear pictures of any kid EVER?!!? Seriously. I took a million pictures, and the one we ended up using was still super blurry. Also it was night time, so we lacked the crispness that is daylight! Oh well!

This one was my favorite but I didn’t want anyone to think Daniel wasn’t excited about having girl. haha I told them all to make a silly face! So cute, right?!

Ok this post is probably way too long now. I included lots of pictures because someone *cough cough* MOM *cough cough* complained that I didn’t have any in my last post! lol Thanks for reading! Lots more exciting posts to come, promise!

p.s. Who announces their baby’s gender in a plant? Is that really a thing? This might actually be easier than a balloon. I’ll have to remember that for future reference! haha


5 thoughts on “Baby Turley #3

  1. I’m seriously so excited. Probably more excited than Jessica, just not as animated about it. Lol. And I love the pics, especially the pregnant one. Thanks for pointing out the chin, I totally wouldn’t have noticed. Lol

  2. Ps. You are such a great example of being a realistic mother. I love seeing your posts on facebook and running into you guys at church. Sammie’s picture in his undies is so great because Grace prefers her diaper to clothing as well and just for the record…. Andrew commented on Sunday on how you looked so good pregnant and I have never noticed the double chin 🙂

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