Longest Day Ever

Have you ever had one of those days… You know, those days that feel like they’ll never end, and then you check the time and it’s only 9 am?!?  

 Yup. I’m having one of those days. 

Honestly, it’s 90% my own fault, 30% my rambunctious boys, and 15.5% this crazy baby girl in my stomach’s fault. (Also maybe .25% is Daniel’s fault because he has to go to work every day to bring home the bacon and whatnot. lol)

Nice break down of blame right? Let me explain. Lately sleep has been somewhat elusive. I swear when bed time rolls around this baby is like… NAH. For example, last night my right hand was burning from my ring finger to halfway to my elbow. I did some Google research (cuz that’s the best way to self diagnose right?) I’m fairly certain I have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel! No joke. And so I’m like trying to keep my wrist straight all night to help with circulation. Then I get up to go to the bathroom, cuz pregnant, and my right hand was twice the size of my other hand. Gotta love pregnancy. So needless to say I was up all night waiting to die, or for my hand to fall off. Now just imagine random crisis’ like this everynight. 

Well this excessive lack of sleep makes me a monster in the morning. I mean 6am is not morning, it’s still dark outside! But Sammy and Carter seem to think that the earlier they get up the better. 😑 So what do I do at 6 in the morning when all I want to do is sleep? I bust out the iPad. My poor kids (although I know they love it), have been watching atleast an hour and half of Nick Jr. and PBS kids every morning while I get some extra shut eye. 

Can you see the downward spiral? 

Basically my kids have been monsters! Soo I decided to cut out all electronics for at least a week. 

A week! 

Which meant today started at 6 am… Throw in life aka tantrums, potty accidents (not from the two year old), fighting, and all around wild boys, and I was ready for the day to be done before it was even lunch. 

Luckily Daniel is on his way home, both the boys went down for a nap (after an hour and half of struggles), and I’m currently binge eating chocolate…. So you could definitely say things are looking up.  



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