Life Lesson

Today was one of those days where I woke up feeling awful. So of course the thought of Daniel leaving all day for basketball and then work was the exact opposite of what I wanted. Well after I complained a little, because that’s how I roll sometimes, he was on his way.  

   ^Sad Sammy. (How I feel every time Daniel leaves 😉 Also check out my giant stomach! I’m growing an amazon baby in there)

Thirty minutes later the kids go running to the door yelling, “Daddy’s home!!!” Super confused, I thought we were being robbed or were about to be murdered (we’ve been binge watching criminal minds lately) because he wasn’t due home for about 8 hours. It was Daniel. He had slipped while warming up at basketball. His hand had slid under the stage at the church and his finger nail got ripped almost completely off. 

Luckily one of the guys on his team is a paramedic, so he rinsed it under cold water, wrapped it in paper towels, and got a trash bag filled with snow to ice it. But when Daniel went to switch the paper towels at home there was a lot of bleeding still so we figured we should at least go to the doctors to get it checked out and properly cleaned.

At first we were going to go to instacare but I almost NEVER have had a good experience at instacare. Plus our $50 co-pay makes me cringe. So we called the clinic we sometimes go to and they were able to get us in right away. Yay!   So I got the kids dressed and they were super excited to go. Both the boys still love the doctor, because we have such a good pediatrician, so any trip to the doctors is a good one. They were also super stoked that they get to watch cartoons there. I haven’t let them watch a movie or play the iPad since Tuesday and it was actually perfect because they were so enthralled they just sat and watched for the hour or so we were there.

The whole time Daniel was in the back (when they weren’t watching Tom and Jerry) the kids were talking about Daddy’s ouchie finger and how they had ouchies too!  Sammy’s ouchie  

Carter’s ouchie

So funny. They were so serious about their “ouchies”. 😂 Those boy crack me up sometimes!

Since I wasn’t back there with Daniel I don’t know how bad his finger looked and I only got bits and pieces from him of what actually happened. The doctor asked his pain level and and he said like a two, so they went ahead and cleaned it without any numbing shots. He said it stung but it wasn’t super painful, but suddenly he didn’t feel very good while they were cleaning it. So the doctor had him lean his head back on the wall. The next thing Daniel knew the doctor was holding his shoulders, so he wouldn’t fall out of the chair, and asking him if he wanted some juice. The doctor said his face had turned as white as the wall and Daniel said when he first woke up he didn’t even know where he was!  I’m 100% glad I wasn’t in the room during all of this. Even though I like to think I would be brave, I’m pretty sure I would have been freaking out. 😳

Now that we’re home Daniel says his finger actually hurts more than it has the entire time. He says it feels like when your hands are so cold and you finally start to warm them up but it hurts more than the cold. I personally have never had my hands get that cold, and I don’t plan to ever experience that. I’m such a pansy with pain. 

So now Daniel is resting until the ibuprofen kicks in. The boys tried to read to him to make him feel better. Which I thought was adorable!!! Until they started fighting about who got to sit where with Daddy. 😑

So now it’s nap time all around. Talk about your exciting morning! I learned my lesson though. I will not be complaining for more time or I might get exactly what I want, in a not so fun way.


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