Valentine’s Day 

This year for some reason I’ve been in a super “crafty”, pink & red, let’s celebrate kind of mood. I just want to do crafts and bake and it’s just craziness. 

Obviously as the procrastinator I am, I didn’t get everything on my list done, but I did more than I have any other Valentine’s Day!  I decided I wanted to make chocolate covered popcorn with the kids this year and it was a hit! (not to mention super easy!) It had candy hearts and sprinkles in it and was ALMOST too good to share. Seriously. 

But we ended up bagging it up and delivering it to friends! It was so cute!!! Carter tried to walk in and play at pretty much everyone’s house we visited. I also realized that my kids have a crazy amount of friends, children and adults alike! What can I say, they are just too adorably friendly!!! 


We delivered sweet Valentine cards with the popcorn that were “pawsome”!!! The boys are obsessed with all things Paw Patrol these days, they know all the names by heart, so we colored some Paw Patrol cards for the occasion. 

Annnd I got them each a box of these for today! #trueobsession  

I also wanted the inside of the house to be decorated so I bought a bunch of foam sticker hearts and let the kids each decorate a door. It came out super cute! The only downside, the foam stickers DO NOT come off easy. I took one off and it was a pain!!!! Sooo I may have set myself up for a hour long project of removing hearts, I’ll let you know later if it was worth it. 😉

 Carter’s door!

Sammy’s door!

Then this morning, I decided to make heart-shaped pancakes, also a pain, but the kids LOVED it! And they came out so pretty! 😍

Obviously to some people these things come second nature, but definitely not me… I’m the mom who makes green pancakes for St. Patrick’s day and ends up hiding in a corner because my kids won’t eat it, but love playing in it,  which results in the whole house being covered in syrup instead… true story. 

I 100% blame this little girl in my stomach! All her extra girl-ness is making me one of those crazy holiday people!!! lol   

And here’s a nice 23 week, bathroom bump selfie, for those who are interested! 😉

Annnnd just for fun a sweet Valentine’s Day kiss, from Sammy to you… or I guess in this case, to Baby Haylee. 😂

 Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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