Presidents’ Day

Growing up we never really did anything special for Presidents’ Day, it was just one of those random Monday holidays that I loved because I didn’t have school. Since marrying Daniel, I both look forward to and dread Presidents’ Day like no other. Why you might ask? Cheese and snow.   Every Presidents’ Day  Daniel’s family goes up to the Gossner cheese factory in Logan. They have tons of cheese and milk sample at the store, so you can try things before you buy them. And how can you go wrong with root beer flavored milk and endless squeaky cheese samples!? After proper sampling we stocked up on all things dairy! The milk is shelf stable so it’s perfect for food storage. It’s shelf life is only a year or so, which works out perfectly because we go once a year. 

Hypothetically speaking though, we probably drink all the milk well before the year mark. It’s just too good not to! This year they had egg nog!!! Shelf stable egg nog that cost half the price of the nog in the stores! And it tastes amazing!!! We bought 7. 😁
And then there’s squeaky cheese aka the greatest cheese in the universe. This year I got two bags, regular and smoked. Let’s just say I might end up with some major digestive issues after eating all this dairy… #worthit  

Carter saw this bear and said mommy take my picture with this bear! Ummmm, yes!

They also have ice cream, so Daniel bought a scoop. I was gonna make Daniel share with the kids, but my kids, being the mooches that they are, ate all of their aunt Laura’s ice cream. My favorite part is how Carter asked her how she liked eating his germs, since they were sharing. 😂

Next was the part I dread, a picnic in the snow. Who has picnics in the snow?!? Never a good idea in my opinion. Luckily this year one of Daniels cousins reserved their ward building so we got to picnic inside!!! So great!   The gym was giant, so I got to sit and eat and Daniel got to work on his right hand lay ups. He usually shoots with his left hand but his finger is still looking and feeling gross from when he ripped his nail up. The boys also got to play some basketball too. They are both naturals, obviously… lol

After lunch everyone went sledding on a big hill on Utah State campus. It may have been the kids first time sledding ever though. Is that kind of sad? I don’t like sledding much and now I’m pretty sure I’d break something if I tried.   Luckily the kids have aunts and uncles who take good care of them. Laura and Ferrin took turns taking the kids down the hill. Ferrin was probably their favorite person to go with, only because he didn’t put his feet down to slow down like Laura. Which meant less  snow in their eyes. They also starting sledding with their cousin Olivia at the end! She is always so good about playing with the kids and they love her!  Contrary to most of the pictures I got, the kids really loved it and didn’t want to go home! This year was definitely my favorite Presidents’ Day so far!


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