Time Capsule #1

I was reading how leap year is a good time to make a time capsule, so four years later you can see how much everything has changed. I’m too lazy to make an actual time capsule, so I thought I’d do a blog every leap year instead! Fancy, I know.  Annnnnd you get some random facts about all of us. A win/win.


Favorite animal: Honey Badger
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite number: 12
Best friend: Chelsea
Favorite food: Everything! (Thai Food is probably the closest to being the favorite)
Favorite Football Team: BYU
Favorite book: Ender’s Game
Favorite movie: A Walk to Remember
Favorite superhero: Superman

A little more about Daniel. He is flying out to Texas A&M on Thursday for the interview portion of his application for graduate school. He wants to get a Masters of International Affairs. He is currently working at 4life Research in the legal department. He also currently has the biggest man crush on Stephen Curry. He was on the computer all night looking up facts about him… They both like the movie, “A Walk to Remember” #soulmates. Daniel is currently sporting a SAWEET beard, that I initially didn’t care for, but since he keeps it well groomed, I approve. He has also recently taken up running, at least until I get this baby out of me and can make him do p90x with me. 😉


Favorite animal: Puppies, kittens, pretty much all cute fluffy baby animals!
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite number: 13
Best friend: Daniel
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite Football Team: BYU
Favorite book: What to Expect When You’re Expecting is probably the book I read the most these days… So I guess that makes it my current favorite.
Favorite movie: Its a tie between Pride and Prejudice( the one with Keira Knightley) and Emperor’s New Groove.
Favorite superhero: None. I’m just not a superhero girl…

More about me. I am beautiful, wonderful, and all things lovely… haha Ok, ok, so in reality I’m 25 ish weeks pregnant, and looking the part more and more everyday. A lady at Costco asked me if I was around her age, she was 43. :/ I have some crazy hair issues going on because baby girl is stealing all my beauty, but I’m coping. 😉 I’ve recently had the desire to sew, which is not me at all. Nonetheless, I am sewing some pillows for our bed, and a new cover for our rocking chair. I also have been really into baking, and have actually been successful and baking gluten free cookies and muffins! (Miracles happen people!) I currently crave all things sweet and bad for me and wouldn’t be surprised if I developed diabetes this pregnancy (I’m trying to do better). All in all most of what is me right now involves growing this baby, which is definitely no walk in the park, but a blessing for sure!


Favorite animal: Bear
Favorite color: Red
Favorite number: Three and C (lol)
Best friend: Brooklynn ( I was slightly offended he didn’t pick me :p)
Favorite food: Strawberries
Favorite Football Team: The red team, aka the UTES (gasp!)
Favorite book: Beauty and the Beast
Favorite movie: Paw Patrol
Favorite superhero: Kylo Ren “The New Darth Vader”

Carter is such a character! He has a crazy good memory and is able to remember even the slightest detail of any conversation, but is pretty selective about what he admits to remembering ie. only when things he likes/wants is involved. He asks a MILLION questions a day because he wants to know and understand everything.  He is currently obsessed with Lamanites and loves all the scripture stories about fighting. His favorite right now is probably the story of Ammon because he chops off all the bad guys arms. He also really loves the new star wars villain (even though he hasn’t even seen the movie), because he has a cool “triple light saber”. He is our negotiator boy, but is still figuring out the ins and outs of what a good deal entails. haha He is also our goofball. He does random weird things, like crossing his eyes or making up words during conversation, to make us laugh.


Favorite animal: Elephant
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite number: 3
Best friend: Daddy
Favorite food: Goldfish
Favorite Football Team: “No football” -Sammy
Favorite book: Finding Nemo
Favorite movie: Monsters Inc.
Favorite superhero: Iron Man and Hulk Smash

Sammy refuses to be called by any other name besides “Hammy”. He is our opinionated boy who loves to say no to everything just because he can! When he turned two he “turned the corner” on potty training and went almost a month without any accidents! He likes to do everything that Carter can do and without any help from Mommy or Daddy. He also is the family sweet-heart. He knows how to make our hearts melt with just one hug or a little smile! He has recently become more of a cuddle bug, which I love. He is still a Daddy’s boy, but I am slowly working my way into his adorable baby heart. His hair is still as red and glorious as ever, and it just goes with his personality so well. He talks a TON now, but is still hard to understand the majority of the time. He is a jokester like his brother, and loves to be tickled and when we try to steal his “Bee-Bow” (belly button) from him.

Baby Turley #3

 Sorry you still don’t have a name baby. Girl names are impossible to pick out, seriously. Baby girl is a big one, she is measuring right on track but I swear she feels heavier than the last two. Late night acrobats are her specialty, but I’m still the only one that can feel her moving and kicking in there. The other day, Carter stepped on her and she kicked him back, which only ended up hurting me, both ways. She loves all things sugar and carbs, especially late at night. She also hates exercise, which I’m trying to convince her is a good thing, but to no avail. We recently switched doctors, so she will be my first baby not born in the Riverton Hospital! I’m finally at the stage in pregnancy with her where I feel more energy and sometimes even forget I’m pregnant… until I try to put on pants. Did I mention how much she hates pants? lol

Happy Leap Day!!!

p.s. I took all the pictures today, right after family night! Which is why we look so good!!! 😜


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