Conference Weekend

This year for conference we spent Saturday with the Turley’s and Sunday with the Carter’s.

For the first session we all met at the bakeshop and had a big breakfast. I love when we do breakfast there because we always have way too much food! haha

Then in between sessions Laura, Treasa, annnd maybe Jessica worked on switching the prices on the white board. I didn’t help because I was getting some favorite aunt snuggles in with baby Darius. He wasn’t feeling very good so was extra snuggly!


We headed over to Sue’s house to watch the second session. During this session Daniel started to feel sick. He had been sick the week before, but we thought that he was better. We went and bought a thermometer and it turned out he still had a low-grade fever. Even though we were pretty sure he was no longer contagious, we decided it would be better if he took the train back to Provo instead of heading up to my Grandparents house with us.

We spent Sunday and part of Monday up in Morgan and the boys LOVED it. They got to hang out with their cousins…

and play outside…

Since it was just me watching the kids I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked watching conference, but I guess that’s life with two small kids.

I was really grateful how willing my cousin-in-law (?) Jeff, was to play with Carter and Sammy. They pretty much followed him around. One time when I went to go find Carter he was just out flying a kite with Jeff. So cute.

I also really like all the time me and Sammy got to spend together. He is pretty much a Daddy’s boy, so it was nice that he would come and snuggle with me for pretty much no reason at all. Even if he did use my stomach as a pillow. 😉

I also may or may not have bribed him with treats… lol

After conference we played some Hand and Foot, but called it Hand, Foot, and Mouth in honor of poor sick Daniel who was in Provo. I did terrible, which is pretty much always the case when I’m not on Daniel’s team. #hecheats

You don’t want threes, and I had 5 of them… ^^^

Carter also got his first real bloody nose. He was pretty excited about it. haha

Then once everyone left we got to just hang out with Grandma and Grandpa. And Sammy is such a little Grandpa’s boy! He went to give Grandpa a hug goodnight and just ended up cuddling with him for like 5 minutes. So Sweet.

The next day Daniel took the train to work so we got to hang out in Morgan until we had to pick him up at three.

Grandpa didn’t waste any time putting the boys to work. They helped him plant some flowers and were actually really good helpers.

Then uncle Keith came by and brought some 4-wheelers. My kids being the moochers they are, sweet talked their way into getting rides.

Sammy was apprehensive at first, but when we took him off the 4-wheeler he walked over to the other one to get another ride. lol

Carter was pretty funny too because he liked going fast, but he had this terrified look on his face the whole time. haha

It was a really good conference weekend!



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