The Natural History Museum

On Saturday we got free tickets to the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City. I was pretty excited to take the kids, but unsure if they would like it or not. I figured since the tickets were free, even if we only spent an hour there it would be worth it.

Cakepop picture for the bakery!

I have to admit I was nervous when we  got there. The kids got up super early for the bakeshop and didn’t get a nap. Sammy was super grouchy when we got there and refused to do anything and everything. So after a few minutes, I decided maybe we should eat and then try to have fun.

They have a special exhibit all about geckos right now, so all the crafts were gecko related. The exhibit was really cool, but not very interesting for the kids since geckos don’t really move around much and like to hide.

It was just what the doctor ordered. Both the kids were sooo much happier with full bellies and our experience was nothing short of amazing after that.

Digging for fossils was a hit! But it ended up being a, “how much rubber sand can I throw before mommy notices”, kind of deal. Sammy’s hair was filled with the stuff!!! :/

We started going through the exhibits and the first one was dinosaurs! The boys loved all the fossils and dinosaur replicas. There were tons of activities all along the way. A lot of them were geared towards old kids, but that didn’t stop the boys from trying out anything and everything that could turn or move.


There were little rooms in each area filled with different activities. This one was all about dinosaurs!

We had so many favorite parts, but I think I really loved the end where the kids could put together a big rubber “cell”. I bet I would have done so much better at remembering where the mitochondria and golgi apparatus was as a kid if I could do something cool like that. Shoot I still don’t remember all the different parts of a cell , so it was a good reminder! 😉


Catching giant bugs, what could be better?

There was also a little area designated for little kids where they could play in water and catch bug. The boys loved this and were soaking wet by the time they were done. Luckily we didn’t go into that part until the end so we were able to put on dry shirts as soon we got back to the car.


On the Sky Deck. “The wind is making me run faster Mommy!”

Long story short, it was awesome. Also not very crowded, even though we went on a Saturday. Crowds give me major anxiety, but I was able to let the kids run around and explore without having to worry about other peoples kids or even my own for that matter.


Sporting their sweet gecko headbands!

I know I say this a lot but the boys are at such a good age! They are curious and excited about new things. They are THE cutest when they see things they recognize or learn new things. ANNNND they can both walk and require little if any extra supplies, like a stroller or fully stocked diaper bag. It’s just the greatest taking them places!


Looking at brine shrimp with a magnifying glass.

Hopefully we can keep the adventures coming until this little girl decides to make her entrance! Having some distractions from the fact that I am looking and feeling more and more like a giant pregnant butterball, is ALWAYS a more than welcome occurance. Haha


Those stairs were high enough to make both my and Daniel’s stomach twist a little. The kids weren’t even phased.




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