Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

We scored some free tickets to the aquarium and since Daniel had a wedding to go to we decided to invite Grandma Turley to join us.

The boys were super excited the whole week before. Carter really wanted to see a shark and Sammy just wanted to see “fish-ies”! I have to apologize in advance for all the blurry pictures I’m about to post, taking pictures in a dark aquarium is pretty much impossible.


First we saw the sting rays. The boys liked seeing the rays, but when I tried to get them to touch them they both go too scared. But I got to touch one! I remember growing up when we’d go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium I always wanted to touch the rays, but it was always such a pain because they’d hide out of reach. But at this aquarium they seemed to like hanging out by the edge of the touching pool!

The boys both liked sitting on the giant turtle though. Turns out this is the size of the biggest turtle that ever washed up to shore. Can you say crazy sauce???


The whole time we were there Sammy was so excited to see all the fish! He would stop at every tank and point out all the different fish. Carter on the other hand was always rushing to the next tank in search of the sharks. (Can I just say how glad I was that our tickets were free.)

We finally found the sharks and Carter was pretty excited…

For like a minute. *sigh* 4- years olds.

But Sammy loved, loved, LOVED the sharks. I think he would have stayed in the shark tunnel all day if we let him (And if a whining 4-year old wasn’t nagging us to move on… Can I say again how glad I was the tickets were free???)

We tried to come back at the end to see the sharks one more time and ended up getting there right before feeding time. No bueno! There was a worker there who loved his job a little too much and was yelling random facts about the sharks (and oddly enough snakes) way too loud and there was mobs of people annnnd it was not the fun “revisit” I hoped for. Buuut you win some you lose some.

After the sharks we went to the tropical area. Can I just say that in my pregnant state I felt like I was dying in the humid air. I usually run cold but I was sweating like CRAZY! haha


Carters favorite part of this area was the rope bridge. Last time we came to the aquarium he was too scared to cross. This time he crossed all by himself!

Meanwhile, Sammy really liked sitting on the giant rain tree frogs.

One thing I found interesting though, was whenever Carter saw a lizard he asked if they had sticky feet like the geckos we saw at the Natural History Museum a month earlier. It showed me how much this kid actually internalizes, even when he is rushing to go to the next thing. I thought he hated the gecko exhibit, because the whole time we were there he wanted to leave. But it turns out he liked it enough to remember it! I think he just moves and is able to learn things at a faster pace which is the opposite of his brother. #babygenius lol


Speaking of Sammy, oh this kid!!! All the picture of him enjoying exhibits just melt my heart. He is such an adorable two year old. Seriously, I cant even handle him! I wish he would stay this little forever!

After we saw everything, we let the kids play at the “play place”, Which was just some rubber orcas they could climb on. The oraca were supper slippery and Grandma almost fell off when I made them take this picture. Haha


After the play place we went and got some food. Since we had vouchers I let each of the boys pick anything they wanted. It’s funny to see what they each chose. Carter picked a vitamin water because it was in a water bottle shaped like a dinosaur of something. Sammy on the other hand picked a giant chocolate cupcake with a crab made out of frosting on top!

All in all we had such a good time! It was nice being able to steal Grandma away from the bakery and do something fun and different with her. Hopefully we can do more trips like this in the future, when Papa Turley gets back from Kuwait!




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