Last Date and The Zoo

On Saturday Laura offered to take the kids to the zoo. It was sort of a make-up play date from our anniversary when everyone got sick and we had to cancel. So Daniel and I thought it would be the perfect excuse to go to lunch and a movie, sort of as a last date before the baby comes.

We had to get up early to go to work at the bakeshop, but Laura came and picked up the kids and took them to her apartment while we worked. They had a blast hanging out at her house. She made them blueberry pancakes for breakfast annnd she let them watch “brains” aka the iPad, which has been banned from our house until the baby is born. She also let them clean using the “adult” wipes, which Carter thought was the coolest thing ever. At home I always let them clean using baby wipes, while I disinfect using the Clorox wipes. Since I don’t let the kids use the Clorox wipes they started calling them the adult wipes. haha

Then they came back to the bakeshop for lunch and Daniel and I hit the town for our date! First we stopped at Togo’s which has the world’s greatest pastrami sandwiches. Seriously, I love that place. The only downside was that it gave me KILLER heart burn. Like that night I thought I was dying… It didn’t stop me from eating the whole sandwich though. It’s just that good.


After lunch we went and bought some candy to smuggle into the movie theater and headed to Jordan Commons to see The Jungle Book. We had free movie tickets so I didn’t mind going to that movie. I honestly didn’t have a preference as to what movie we saw, so I let Daniel pick.

The movie was ok. Pretty cool CGI and whatnot, but I mean it is essentially the Jungle Book story… Which was probably one of my least favorite Disney movies to begin with. I am pretty excited to rent the movie and let Carter and Sammy see it though. I think they will love it! Or it will terrify them… haha I guess we’ll find out. 😉


After the movie we still had some time to kill before we had to get the kids, so we did some kid-free shopping… Talk about the greatest gift in the universe! haha We could go to any store we wanted. Take our time looking around. We didn’t have to stop at every single bathroom or take a detour down every single toy aisle. It really was magnificent.


We also drove by a See’s Candy and had a voucher for a free pound of chocolate that my Grandma Nora had given us for Christmas. So we stopped and got a giant box of chocolate. We created our own box, as suggested by our inside informant Serena (she worked there this last November). We got lots of different flavors and none with nuts, but if we could do it again I think we would totally only get like three flavors. The raspberry chocolate, the chocolate caramel, and the white key lime… Oh man those ones are sooo good! haha


We hit a few more stores and right before we went to pick up the kids we found a new diaper bag at TJ max! It’s been on my list of things to get for months, but I haven’t been able to find one that I loved. I had decided I was just gonna order one online but just never got around to it. As luck would have it, we ended up getting a bag similar to one that I almost bought online a few days before for HALF the price! Can you say bargain shoppers!

Then we picked up the boys at Laura’s and of course they had an amazing time at the zoo. The ended up going with Laura, “Aunt Tony”, Melanie, and Jared. So I mean 4 adults hanging out with them, what more could they want! They even got to ride on the train! #spoiled

I had Laura send me a few pictures from their adventures. It looks like they had a great time!


Sitting on a fence.. Hopefully not by the lions cage! haha

Speaking of lions, apparently Sammy was terrified of the lion drinking fountains at the zoo. The first time he saw them he wouldn’t even walk by them! But by the end of the day he was drinking out of the lions mouth like a champ, sooo irrational fear averted. 😉


Photo opt by the giant gold gorilla, obviously my kids were thrilled. Although it is comforting to know that they don’t only take picture like this for me. haha


I’m not sure what they’re looking at but Tony was telling us that half the time Carter would skip the animals and look at the random birds hanging out in the bushes nearby. haha


On the train with Aunt Tony, who is obviously not a girl. He just hangs out with Aunt Laura and so for some reason the kids started calling him Aunt Tony. I think it’s hilarious… Not so sure how Tony feels about it though. Haha

It was a great day for the kids and a perfect last date before the baby comes… Now the baby just need to actually come. 😉


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