Baby Update

I realized that I have almost weekly posts from when I was pregnant with Sammy and none for this baby! Sooo get ready for some oversharing about Baby Turley numero 3.

First and foremost, she still doesn’t have a name. Although if I’m being honest we are definitely leaning toward the name Lily. I’ve liked the name since high school, I even named the baby I took care of for health class Lily. But I think we will still wait until she’s born before we set her name in stone.

Now a quick rundown of my last few doctors visits and the days in between.

First I guess I should mention my due date. When I was going to see Dr. Colby they told me my estimated due date was June 10th. But then I switched over Valley OBGYN in Provo and they keep saying my due date is June 9th. Sooo I don’t know if it’s just a paper mix up or what, but you better believe I’m going with the June 9th due date now! haha It’s all an estimation anyways.


36 weeks

I went in on Thursday the 12th. Baby girl was measuring right on track and her heartbeat was in the 140’s. I had my Group B Strep test done. I also had my cervix checked and I was 1+ cms dilated and 50% effaced. The Dr said my cervix was really “favorable”, which was both hilarious and exciting! Maybe I was almost done being pregnant!!! I think I weighed in at about 196 which is probably the heaviest I got with either of my boys.

The week after this appointment I felt pretty good for the most part. I took the kids to the aquarium on Saturday and even helped in the nursery on Sunday. But then Wednesday rolled around.


Terrible picture, but right as I took the picture Daniel said, “Look I can hide behind your belly!” :/

37 weeks

I had my 37 week appointment on Wednesday the 18th because they couldn’t schedule an appointment for Thursday. I saw a different doctor for the first time at my new obgyn. He said my measurement and baby’s heartbeat were all good (but I didn’t get the exact numbers) and that I passed my group b strep test. He also checked my cervix and said I was dilated to about a 2. 😦 I was sooo disappointed. I guess in the back of my mind I was thinking I would for sure be dilated to at least a 3! ( I was a 4 the day before I went into labor with Sammy) All pregnancies are different, but I was still hoping! haha I weighed in at this appointment at 198, and honestly, I gave up on trying to eat healthy or even really caring what I weighed.

At 37 weeks I was feeling HUGE. And tired. Emotionally drained. And did I mention huge? Throw in the fact that a friend of mine who was due only 5 days before me had had her baby that morning and I was an emotional mess. Seriously. I mostly blame the hormones, but I also think its natural to want your baby in your arms at this point.

I also was starting to really FEEL the aches and pains of being pregnant. The simplest of tasks were getting harder. I would fold a load of laundry and literally have to lay on the floor and rest for like 20 mins. On days I vacuumed, as in the one day I vacuumed, I was spent for the rest of the day! Like I didn’t get out of the recliner until Daniel came home, and that was to move to the bed.

It was a frustrating week for me. Not being able to do things, like clean my house or play with my kids, really wore me down. And I would get so mad at myself for not being able to just push though the fatigue and get stuff done. Even with all the support I got from friends and family telling me it was ok, I still felt like a total failure.

I also started having trouble sleeping this week, talk about when it rains it pour huh? But we actually found a pretty good solution for this. I would sleep in the recliner and turn on the Lord of the Rings movie. And after about 30 minutes I was out cold. haha For some reason those movies are impossible for me to stay awake during. So it took us like 4 days to get through the first movie because we would just restart it where we last remember being awake. It definitely kept me from laying awake and thinking about the baby and how uncomfortable I felt. Added bonus: Sleeping in the recliner helps with heartburn!

Then on Wednesday the 25th I woke up and felt really off. I felt sick and was feeling a lot of tightening in my stomach. I waited until about 10 and texted Daniel to tell him that I thought I might be in labor. I spent the rest of the morning, timing contractions and stressing I would wait too long to go to the hospital. But by noon though most of the activity had stopped. DAH! It was soooo frustrating!


This is my seriously baby??? face


I had my 38 week appointment on Thursday, the 26th. It was a looong visit for some reason, but I’d had a rough day, so sitting and waiting around (without my kids) was definitely not a bad thing. I weighed in at 200 lb exactly and even though I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever weighed that much in my LIFE, I didn’t mind. And I type that as I eat a handful of PB m&m’s. #pregnancyproblems Baby is measuring right on track 38 weeks, her heartbeat was in the 150s, and the Dr. said it was a strong heartbeat with a good strong rhythm. He also checked my cervix and I was still at a 2! A TWO people. After thinking I was in labor the day before, still nothing had changed. :/ Obviously this little girl is having a good time just hanging out where she is, but come on!

That night the baby was on crack or something. She wiggled and kicked and I kept having contractions. ALL NIGHT LONG. I thought, maybe I’m actually in labor this time. But after waking up and timing my contractions I realized that it was just a fake out again. Buuuut her moving was so crazy strong that I couldn’t sleep at all! Another rough night.


Which brings us to today! I switched back to sleeping in my bed last night and actually had a fantastic night of sleep. I’m trying to accept the fact that I will probably be pregnant until pretty close to my due date. But guess what?!?! That’s only 12 days away! Twelve days! I can do hard things, I can do hard things, I can do hard things. AND it’s a three day weekend, so PAAAAARTAY!



One thought on “Baby Update

  1. I completely understand feeling like a failure for not being able to get anything done. I’ve struggled a lot with that and I’m just on my first trimester. I hope the little girl comes out soon I totally understand how when you hit 37 weeks and they’re full term all you can think about is getting them out LOL

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