10313541_10152378840884824_9006967654297092965_nI guess I’m suppose to write a little bit about myself here. I am a California girl turned Utahin (just ask me how to say button). I got married, had a baby, and graduated from college (in that order), in a little less than a year, and now after three years of marriage, I have been blessed with another little bundle of joy. My life is full of crazy boys and I love it!

I named my blog Growing-up, because regardless of how old I get, I still feel like a kid! I like to run, laugh, play, and just be all around silly with the best of ’em! I even find that I relate better with kids. I love being a mother to two and watching them grow and develop. They are my life and even though we sometimes rub each other the wrong way, I wouldn’t trade my life with them for the world!photo (32)

This blog really has become my place to “go on and on” about my kids, and not worry that I’m forcing their cuteness on anyone! lol It also helps me remember what happened when and who did what. Its easy for important things to get lost, thanks to mommy brain.

Finally my blog is just a place that I can be me. A judgement free zone where I can vent, joke, and really appreciate the amazing life I have.



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