28 weeks

I’ve finally reached the third trimester with this baby girl! And let me tell you, I started this trimester with a bang!!! I was officially 28 weeks on Tuesday and it was a busy day. I went to the bakeshop and helped out in the morning, which meant dragging our kids out of bed at 5:30… right after daylight savings… Serena had also offered to watch the kids so we could have a date night at the temple that evening. It was wonderful and very much needed, but also made for really long day. I just remember feeling really tired when I fell asleep that night.

These lucky boys got naps in the car, I wasn’t so lucky. :/

Next thing I remember, I was laying in bed, looking at the wall, and I suddenly saw a GIANT spider crawling up the wall next to our bed. It had to be as big as my hand if not bigger, and that sucker was moving fast! It crawled up the wall and was over my head before I could react. Instinctively I knew I had to get as far away from that thing as possible, so jumped onto Daniel’s side of the bed (and “coincidentally” onto Daniel who was still fast asleep), climbed over him, and ran full speed out of our room!

I don’t really remember much else between jumping on/over Daniel and waking up in the kitchen. I was a sobbing mess. I couldn’t stand on my left foot (I thought for sure it was broken) and my right knee was stinging like crazy!

Turns out I had a nightmare that caused me to literally run for my life, while half asleep, in the dark. I’m still finding bruises and sore spots all over my body. I must have fallen, probably when I jumped out of the bed, because my right knee was skinned pretty bad. It was such a vivid dream I think my body was in shock after because I was shaking for a while before I could fall back asleep.

Sammy after his nap on Wednesday, looking a lot like how I felt that day. lol

The next morning I felt like I had been hit by a bus! Luckily Daniel was able to work a little from home and take care of the kids while I rested. I think I slept almost the whole day Wednesday. And only got out of bed to use the bathroom, because it literally hurt so bad to walk!

I called my obgyn office and the nurse wasn’t too concerned until she asked my pain level, which I said 8. She told me anything over a 6 and they suggested I go to labor and delivery to have things checked out. Now I’m not usually someone who goes against what a doctor tells me but my gut told me that the baby was fine. I felt her moving, I didn’t have any unusual bleeding or anything, my pelvic muscles were just was really sore. Every time I turned over in bed I felt like death, but Daniel had given me a blessing and I just felt calm about it all, which is not my normal at all. I’m a worrier.

Fast forward to today, and I woke up feeling sooo much better. I’m still sore but I was able to get my normal tasks around the house done without much of a problem. I also went in for my first 28 week check-up at my new doctors office in Orem.


28 weeks! Looking large and in charge! 😉

Can I just say, why on earth did I wait so long to switch doctors?!? My experience between my new doctor and my old one were night and day. Who knew I could actually like my obgyn? Does that sound so horrible? My old doctor was fine, but I like my new doctor a million times more. Anyways, it was good.

Baby Turley #3 (sorry you still don’t have a name baby) is measuring right on track at 28 weeks. Her heartbeat was 128, which was perfect. As for me, my blood pressure was normal, but my weight gain has been astronomical. As much as I’d like to blame the baby, I know I’ve been eating so much junk the last month, that it’s totally just me being gross. Soooo I’m going to try to eat more intentionally this trimester to make sure the rest of my weight gain is the good kind! We’ll see how it goes, my cravings for all things sweet and sugary runs deep! Haha


Time Capsule #1

I was reading how leap year is a good time to make a time capsule, so four years later you can see how much everything has changed. I’m too lazy to make an actual time capsule, so I thought I’d do a blog every leap year instead! Fancy, I know.  Annnnnd you get some random facts about all of us. A win/win.


Favorite animal: Honey Badger
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite number: 12
Best friend: Chelsea
Favorite food: Everything! (Thai Food is probably the closest to being the favorite)
Favorite Football Team: BYU
Favorite book: Ender’s Game
Favorite movie: A Walk to Remember
Favorite superhero: Superman

A little more about Daniel. He is flying out to Texas A&M on Thursday for the interview portion of his application for graduate school. He wants to get a Masters of International Affairs. He is currently working at 4life Research in the legal department. He also currently has the biggest man crush on Stephen Curry. He was on the computer all night looking up facts about him… They both like the movie, “A Walk to Remember” #soulmates. Daniel is currently sporting a SAWEET beard, that I initially didn’t care for, but since he keeps it well groomed, I approve. He has also recently taken up running, at least until I get this baby out of me and can make him do p90x with me. 😉


Favorite animal: Puppies, kittens, pretty much all cute fluffy baby animals!
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite number: 13
Best friend: Daniel
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite Football Team: BYU
Favorite book: What to Expect When You’re Expecting is probably the book I read the most these days… So I guess that makes it my current favorite.
Favorite movie: Its a tie between Pride and Prejudice( the one with Keira Knightley) and Emperor’s New Groove.
Favorite superhero: None. I’m just not a superhero girl…

More about me. I am beautiful, wonderful, and all things lovely… haha Ok, ok, so in reality I’m 25 ish weeks pregnant, and looking the part more and more everyday. A lady at Costco asked me if I was around her age, she was 43. :/ I have some crazy hair issues going on because baby girl is stealing all my beauty, but I’m coping. 😉 I’ve recently had the desire to sew, which is not me at all. Nonetheless, I am sewing some pillows for our bed, and a new cover for our rocking chair. I also have been really into baking, and have actually been successful and baking gluten free cookies and muffins! (Miracles happen people!) I currently crave all things sweet and bad for me and wouldn’t be surprised if I developed diabetes this pregnancy (I’m trying to do better). All in all most of what is me right now involves growing this baby, which is definitely no walk in the park, but a blessing for sure!


Favorite animal: Bear
Favorite color: Red
Favorite number: Three and C (lol)
Best friend: Brooklynn ( I was slightly offended he didn’t pick me :p)
Favorite food: Strawberries
Favorite Football Team: The red team, aka the UTES (gasp!)
Favorite book: Beauty and the Beast
Favorite movie: Paw Patrol
Favorite superhero: Kylo Ren “The New Darth Vader”

Carter is such a character! He has a crazy good memory and is able to remember even the slightest detail of any conversation, but is pretty selective about what he admits to remembering ie. only when things he likes/wants is involved. He asks a MILLION questions a day because he wants to know and understand everything.  He is currently obsessed with Lamanites and loves all the scripture stories about fighting. His favorite right now is probably the story of Ammon because he chops off all the bad guys arms. He also really loves the new star wars villain (even though he hasn’t even seen the movie), because he has a cool “triple light saber”. He is our negotiator boy, but is still figuring out the ins and outs of what a good deal entails. haha He is also our goofball. He does random weird things, like crossing his eyes or making up words during conversation, to make us laugh.


Favorite animal: Elephant
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite number: 3
Best friend: Daddy
Favorite food: Goldfish
Favorite Football Team: “No football” -Sammy
Favorite book: Finding Nemo
Favorite movie: Monsters Inc.
Favorite superhero: Iron Man and Hulk Smash

Sammy refuses to be called by any other name besides “Hammy”. He is our opinionated boy who loves to say no to everything just because he can! When he turned two he “turned the corner” on potty training and went almost a month without any accidents! He likes to do everything that Carter can do and without any help from Mommy or Daddy. He also is the family sweet-heart. He knows how to make our hearts melt with just one hug or a little smile! He has recently become more of a cuddle bug, which I love. He is still a Daddy’s boy, but I am slowly working my way into his adorable baby heart. His hair is still as red and glorious as ever, and it just goes with his personality so well. He talks a TON now, but is still hard to understand the majority of the time. He is a jokester like his brother, and loves to be tickled and when we try to steal his “Bee-Bow” (belly button) from him.

Baby Turley #3

 Sorry you still don’t have a name baby. Girl names are impossible to pick out, seriously. Baby girl is a big one, she is measuring right on track but I swear she feels heavier than the last two. Late night acrobats are her specialty, but I’m still the only one that can feel her moving and kicking in there. The other day, Carter stepped on her and she kicked him back, which only ended up hurting me, both ways. She loves all things sugar and carbs, especially late at night. She also hates exercise, which I’m trying to convince her is a good thing, but to no avail. We recently switched doctors, so she will be my first baby not born in the Riverton Hospital! I’m finally at the stage in pregnancy with her where I feel more energy and sometimes even forget I’m pregnant… until I try to put on pants. Did I mention how much she hates pants? lol

Happy Leap Day!!!

p.s. I took all the pictures today, right after family night! Which is why we look so good!!! 😜

Two: From Sammie to Sammy

Today as I put Sammy down for his nap I was thinking a lot about how fast time has flown by. It’s a little bit surreal to think that my baby is already two. Has it really been that long? And then I started thinking about how my sweet baby Sammy is not even going to be the baby anymore in less than 5 months! I can’t really imagine him NOT being the baby, you know? haha Anyways I’ll probably be super sentimental as I write this post. #sorrynotsorry Also, most of these pictures are from my phone and of a wild boy who never stops moving, read: blurry. Sorry!

IMG_7771So last Sunday our Sammy boy turned two!!! It’s so funny because I think in my mind I already had him turning three. I seriously almost made him a cake with the number three on it! I feel like Sammy has grown up so fast, in such a short time. He wants so much to be like his big brother, that sometimes I would forget that he was only one!

Anyways we started out the birthday festivities on Saturday because Sunday was going to be really busy and I wanted him to feel like he had a special day. I decided to make lasagna for his birthday dinner, because picking a food that is his favorite is so hit and miss. Some days he loves spaghetti and some day he ends up on the floor like this:

Did I mention that he’s two now? lol

I also wanted to make him a special cake. When I asked him what kind, his favorite response was “CANDY!” but when I looked up candy cakes online there weren’t really any that stood out to me. So I ended up just baking a 9×13 banana cake and was gonna cover it with candy. But it just felt too boring! ha! (Disclaimer: I LOVE making cute cakes, it seriously brings me so much joy!) So I took the 9×13 cake and cut out a big number two. Then I used the left over cake to make another two for a second layer. It worked out perfectly and there was hardly any extra cake. I filled the middle with chocolate buttercream and frosted the outside with regular buttercream.

I was seriously so proud, I took a million pictures of it. No joke. Especially because I was planning on letting the kids help decorate it, so I wasn’t really sure what the finished product was going look like. There was obviously a lot of candy eating rather than decorating, and I probably wouldn’t serve the cake to a group of strangers (not because it wasn’t cute) because some of the m&m’s were questionable as to whether or not they had been “tasted” first. LOL But when you consider it was a two and three year old decorating. It was pretty much the greatest!

I also wanted to surprise Sammy with decorations when he woke up from his nap. Sammy’s favorite color is blue, so we bought blue streamers and a bunch of blue balloons! Daniel hung the streamers and I’m so glad he did because he made it super fun and SO different than I would have done. 😉 (Isn’t it funny how differently men and women think?) Me and Carter were in charge of balloons! Carter was such a good helper, especially when he had to be super quiet while Sammy was napping. Do you know how much self control it takes a three year old to not run around like a maniac when there are tons of balloons and streamers to play with?!? I’m guessing a lot! haha

Here’s Sammy with his birthday lasagna. I think it came our fantastic, but really, how can you go wrong when there is so much cheesy goodness involved!!Then we had cake!!! Sammy was a little unsure at first about blowing out the candles and I literally had to cover Carter’s mouth so he didn’t do it for him. The cake was huge and we actually just finished it off two days ago. But I think Sammy’s favorite part was everyone singing Happy Birthday to him! This kid was born to be in the spotlight!!! He’s just so cute!

After cake we opened presents. Sammy made out like a bandit! He also was super possessive of his toys which was really new. I think his favorite present was a truck that had dinosaurs in it from G-ma & G-pa Martinez. He carried those dinosaurs around the whole night, and wouldn’t let Carter so much as look at them. haha Carter of course was ticked because he didn’t get any new toys, (he was also born to be in the spotlight) but it was a really good opportunity to help him learn that sometimes, it’s just not all about him. It also has him super excited for his birthday, probably just so he can get present and not Sammy (lol), but we’re working on it. *sigh*

On Sunday, we went up to G-ma & G-pa Turley’s house and had a special dessert after dinner. Banana splits!! I thought it was a genius idea, I mean this kid LOVES bananas, and who doesn’t like ice cream with delicious topping too?!? Survey says… Sammy! (And actually Carter strangely enough…) I don’t even know you guys, sometimes my kids stump even me. In their defense we don’t eat a ton of ice cream and they’ve never actually had ice cream with bananas. I guess they are just purist when it comes to bananas. Sammy ended up eating like four cuties instead of his banana split and was as happy as a clam, so we’ll count it as a win. (For the record I loved the dessert and was even nice enough to eat Sammy’s and part of Carter’s. Just another motherly sacrifice. lol)

Now for some fun facts about Sammy. First off he’s so cute. Like its painful how cute he is. Seriously. As a result, he sometimes ends up doing things that in any and sometimes all circumstances is not ok. And he gets away with it because I mean, look at him!

Case and point. This boy loves to put his feet on the table. We laughed so hard the first time we were all eating, and one of his chubby feet appeared next to his plate. Buuuut now it’s a constant battle trying to get him to keep his feet down. (I still secretly laugh about it though, I cant help it, it’s so hilarious to me.) So here’s hoping we can break that habit sometime before he goes to college. lol

One of my favorite physical characteristic of Sammy’s (besides his chubby cheeks), is his hair!!! He gets so many compliments on his hair and its so long and shaggy! I LOVE it! He 100% needs a haircut but I cant do it! I just need to figure out a way to trim it so it looks nice, but is still wild at the same time. Is that possible???


Sammy is also my sleep anywhere boy. Carter was always a good sleeper, but he always fell asleep in his bed. Sammy on the other hand cannot miss  his nap or he will fall asleep….



He has even been know to sleep-eat dinner. His eyes are completely closed and he just keeps putting his food in and chewing. We’ve had so many great laughs on account of this kids sleeping habits. Moral of the story, Sammy needs his nap!

In other news this little boy is finally turning a corner on the potty training business. I say that while knocking on all the wood in the universe. Transitioning to underwear has been somewhat of a nightmare and I think most of the blame for the that can be placed on me. From morning sickness to busy seasons (aka the holidays), I would just put him in a diaper on and off for weeks at a time. My excuse: he’s not even two yet. But even with my shortcomings he is really doing awesome!

We still have hard days, like a week ago when he flat out refused to even look at the potty ALL DAY LONG! But most days he does awesome! And it’s so nice having a little break in washing diapers. I like to say he’s about 90% potty trained, which (at his age) is good enough for me. 😉

All in all Sammy is such a character and I’m so glad he is part of our family! We call him our little sour patch  because he can throw a fit like nobody’s business and then follow it with the sweetest of apologies and hugs! He’s my silly, passionate, red head and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Happy Birthday cool dude! I love you to pieces!!!

P.S. To explain the title, Sammie looks like such a baby name, don’t you think? So I’m gonna try spelling it with a “y”. Sammy is way more grown up (lol), but not TOO grown up… I could just be crazy. I have a history going back and forth with my love of the letter “y”, like is college when I started signing my name, Chelsey. haha Anyways, we’ll see if it sticks! 😉

Los Traviesos (The Menaces)

I just love the age that Carter and Sammie are at. They literally make me laugh…

Every. Single. Day.



Sammy saying “cheese!” lol

Today Sammie tried to run into the street and I had to run across our driveway to get him. My conversation with Carter (right after) went something like this:

“What happen Sammie, Mommy?”
“He tried to run into the street!”
*Shocked look on Carter’s face*
“We don’t run into the street or a car might hit us and Mommy would be sad. Wouldn’t you be sad if you didn’t have Sammie?”
*Thinks for a second* “No”
“No?! Who would you play with if you didn’t have Sammie?”
“You mommy!” As if that was the most ridiculous question I could ask.


Hahaha I can’t get anything past that kid.

Then there was that one time (yesterday) when I left a bag of starburst within the kids’ reach. I knew something was up when Carter came to my room and ever so quietly closed the door so I was locked in. I immediately stopped what I was doing (getting dressed) and followed him to the living room.


There was Sammie with two starbursts in his mouth (wrappers included), one in each hand, and a pile of just wrappers, that I’m assuming belonged to Carter because he doesn’t eat paper. Sammie was sticky for the rest of the day. Added Bonus: Every time I kissed Sammie he smelled sweet like starbursts lol

Then there was this:


Same day. Different junk food. Apparently I don’t share enough of the “good stuff” so they have to take it themselves.

Oh and I can’t forget the new game they started playing. It’s pretty complicated. They start by chasing each other around the house… Then, every few feet or so, they tackle one another. Really? The first time I saw Carter tackle Sammie I was on the you are in so much trouble train. But then Sammie jumped right up and immediately tackled Carter. All is well.


Carter has started negotiating… Or at least trying to. “Two more minute ok mommy.” OR “Maybe if I’m good boy I can… (Insert anything a two year old could want. A movie. Candy. No more bed time, ever.)


Meanwhile Sammie has mastered the dramatically throw yourself on the ground because my life is so hard move. And the cry because Carter looked at me the wrong way act. Let me tell you, this kid is a natural.


Man these boys are just too much sometimes.



It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I always think about how I need to but then I end up finding something else to occupy my time.

Things for us have been going great. Daniel made it through the first part of his grad school admissions. He flies to Texas at the end of the month for the interview portion. It all happened so fast, it still doesn’t seem real! I know he will do awesome but I can’t help but feel nervous. Not to mention I’m gonna miss him for the four days he’s gone.

Carter is growing into such a sweet big boy. He wants so badly to be good and listen to me; but the whole being two thing gets in the way. He is so so sweet. Everyday he melts my heart with his sweet actions and words. And those giant brown eyes of his… Geez he is going to be a heartbreaker someday.

That’s not to say he doesn’t still have his moments. Naps are a constant battle in our house. He inherited his mommy’s temper, which took me well into college to figure out. He’s such a bright kid though, I’m sure he’ll figure it out way before I ever did.

Sammie is one! I never blogged about his birthday because, I’m lame, but it was a fun one. He ate all the frosting off his cupcake which is so Sammie.

Sammie is my adventurer. The other day we were playing outside and I was watching him explore. He is SO much more brave and reckless than Carter ever was at this age. One example, there is a rock in our yard that is pretty big, and Sammie decided he wanted to walk over it. His first attempt left him sprawled on the ground (turtle style) stuck between the rock and a bush on his back. I helped him up and he immediately went back to the rock. After three attempts he finally succeeded to his satisfaction and moved on to another dangerous feat… During which, he ended up falling into a rose bush.

Sammie is a daddy’s boy times a million but kinda just doesn’t like new people in general. We probably stay home too much. It seems like we’ve been sick the entire winter with some sickness or other, but I guess that just comes with the territory.
As for me, I’ve been good. Really good actually. I feel like the fog of having a baby is finally lifting. (I also kicked my birth control to the curb which was probably the bigger problem in my case.) I feel better than I have felt in a LONG time and I just love it. I have the energy to get out of bed in the morning, play outside, be more patient with my kids, and just feel all around better.IMG_0979

Don’t get me wrong I still have my bad days too. I still stay in bed longer than I should and let my kids watch movies way more often than is probably good. But that’s life. I’m just taking it one day at a time. 🙂


What doesn’t kill you…

You know that saying, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? That saying is the embodiment of my Sammie D. He is not only one tough cookie but he one tough cookie to raise!


He is 11 months old today and is such a spunky mischievous little boy, everyday is an adventure with him. So today I’m gonna give you a little insight on just how mischievous this little boys is…

  • First off, changing his diaper is like trying to wrestle a crocodile… during a death roll.
  • Everything goes in his mouth. Food (obviously), books, CD’s, clean and dirty diapers, his hands, ornaments, dirty socks (a favorite), paper, garbage, toys, other people’s toes, and pretty much anything that is within his reach.
  • Carter once told me Sammie ate a bug.  I didn’t actually see it, but I totally believe it.
  • This morning, I found him sucking on a quarter.
  • He once got his head stuck in the toilet.
  • He is fearless and will brazenly try anything… at least once…
  • The first time he met a flight of stairs he was halfway to the top before we even noticed he was near the stairs.
  • Speaking of stairs, did you know he fell down a flight of stairs on Sunday? Yup. Less than a minute later, he was up and running around as happy as can be. Not a single bump or bruise. I’m pretty sure I cried more than he did about that one.
  • He can’t talk yet, but he sure knows how to yell.
  • He has tried to dive out of my arms, off of my bed, or into a bath on more than one occasion.
  • He gets into EVERYTHING!  The trash, the bookshelves, the diaper genie, the Christmas tree, his dresser drawers, the toilet, the kitchen cabinets… I’m fairly certain he has even been able to open closed doors on occasion… although I have no proof.
  • He likes to play with the toilet paper roll. Not a big shock. But he waits until I’m watching to start unrolling the paper. Then, if he thinks I’m gonna stop him before he gets enough off, he frantically dives at “said toilet paper” to get the most bang for his buck.
  • Finally, (and I think this is the foundation for all the choices he makes) if he can’t eat it, he destroys it.

He is such a handful this kid. But really, most days he can get away with just about anything because he is so stinkin adorable! Darn those big brown eyes and chubby cheeks.

 Happy 11 months baby boy. I love you so very much!




This is just a friendly Public Service Announcement to all you cute, adorable, and somewhat mischievous two-year-olds out there:

First and foremost, your little brother is not a trampoline, stop using him as one.

Secondly, 4:18 AM is not an acceptable time to wake up and demand underwear, even after daylight savings.

Third, if you cut your head DO NOT let your mom put a band aid on it. You will just end up with a bald spot when she tries to take off said band-aid and has to use scissors…

Fourth, throwing a fit for a toy doesn’t work.

Fifth, shouting “I need fun!” while in time out, doesn’t help either.

Sixth, The Lego Movie is not the only movie out there. Pick a different movie!  “Everything Is Awesome …not so awesome when you can’t seem to get the song out of your head.

Seventh, Peanut Butter Sandwiches… not a valid option for breakfast.

Eighth, the seams on peoples’ pants (strangers and family alike) are not “choo-choo train tracks” and driving your train on them is not allowed.

Ninth, taking a sucker from the candy bowl, licking it, and then putting back whenever mommy enters the room is always a bad idea.

Tenth, if you climb in your brother’s crib and can’t get out, you better believe your mom is gonna leave you in there for nap-time.

This has been a Public Service Announcement. Thank you for your time.


Movie Day

Today I am exhausted. We’ve had a busy/stressful week, which is a good change from our normal (non-busy) routine. But it has definitely taken its toll on me and my house… So today is movie day where we will probably sit around and do nothing but watch movies. Although in reality movies only keep Carter interested for an hour and doesn’t really help with destructive Sammie. But I’ll take any breaks where I can.

Speaking of Sammie he is ridiculously big now. He just had his 9 month appointment. Here are his stats:
Weight- 19# 10oz -30ish %
Height- 27 1/4″- 20ish % (can you tell I was paying such good attention? Lol with two very active kids to wrangle listening isn’t always my forte.)
Head- 50%

So actually Sammie is somewhat small for his age but he is one solid little boy and so round that I just think he is a monster compared to Carter at this age. Sammie is all things mischievous. He pulls the safety plugs out of the wall and sucks on them. He takes ALL of the DVDs out of the bookshelf. He sits under the table and eats any and all food he can find! He is bottomless this kid. He loves solids and prefers eating real food to formula (which I don’t blame him… I mean formula, gross). He also thinks he’s already one. He walks along furniture like a pro, and can take up to five steps on his own! He’s only 9 months old!!! Why is he growing up so fast?

Carter is also growing up too fast. He always amazes me at how smart he is. Really, half the things he tells me I don’t remember ever teaching him. He is really good at picking up what other people are saying. The other day he called Daniel “Love” which is what I sometimes call him! Haha! He’s such a funny kid. Carter is 2 1/2! Did you know!?

When we went in for Sammie’s 9 month appointment we also got Carter’s measurements:
Height- 35″
Weight- 28#
He hasn’t really gained much but he definitely has gotten taller! 2T is too big for his waist but is starting to look like high-waters on him… He’d probably still fit into 18 month clothes if they were longer! Carter is pretty well potty trained. He still has accidents but we are getting to where accidents are way less often. He even wears underwear in the car! It’s so nice! Now we just have to get Sammie potty trained 😉

Life with two kids is hard. Really hard. Don’t get me wrong I love it, but keeping track of two little bodies can be difficult. They outnumber me!!! It is getting easier though. Mostly because Sammie is getting tougher everyday. He can take anything Carter can dish out, and it helps that he almost weighs the same as his big brother. Everyday they are getting better at playing together and I am so grateful for that!

Daniel is in this last semester of his undergrad. Woot! But is thinking of going to graduate school in Texas! Dah! We’ll see what happens. He takes the GMAT(?) in three weeks. He’s a little stressed about it but I know he’ll do awesome. He is always so good about helping with the kids even when he has so much to worry about. I definitely rely on him for help daily. (Shoutout to all you single moms and dads out there, you do what I can’t even dream of doing!) I’m so thankful for Daniel!

Speaking of thankful. I’m super thankful for my sister too. She is staying with us until she goes on her mission to Guatamala (in two months!!!). She helps with the kids, a lot! I’m pretty sure she has saved my kids, “from the wrath of mommy” at least a dozen times. Ha!

All in all life here is good. 🙂


A little silly…


… and sometimes whiney…


…but definitely good!