Times & Seasons

On Friday May 13th, Randall had his wedding reception and it was such a blast from the past getting all the people Daniel use to be roommates with back together. During the time Daniel and I were getting to know each other, dating, and engaged, these were my peeps.

Well most of them. I hung out at their apartment All. The. Time.  And even if half the time I was the annoying twitter-pated girl, who was always at their apartment, being loud, I know they all secretly loved having me there… Ask Josh, he loved having me there the most. 😉 Well… at least I know Daniel liked having me there. lol

Flash forward to five years later and it’s crazy sauce I tell you!

Everyone is getting married and having kids, which, not that it’s a race or anything, buuut Daniel and I are totally dominating. haha We did get a bit of a head start though.

I loved loved loved seeing everyone. And my kids who have been obsessed with baby Emma since they met her like a year ago, loved playing with their friend.

Not only did I get to spend some time with old friends but I also got thinking about the different times and seasons we have in our life. Like I said, Daniel and I got a bit of a head start getting married and having kids. So as I watched Kaitlyn and Katie chase their almost 2 year olds around the reception, I had total flashbacks to when Carter was almost two.

We would go to wedding receptions for friends and I felt like I could never be part of conversations that lasted longer than a few minutes because Carter wanted to go explore. So I’d follow him around and stay close enough that I could keep him from getting into too much trouble. But I was one of the first of our friends to have kids, so I also felt a little out of place chasing Carter around. Like I was sometimes missing out on other things.

Now, more than two years later Carter is 4! He so big and independent, it’s ridiculous. But he also is pretty good at listening and following directions. And luckily he keeps his younger brother Sammy out of trouble too. So this wedding reception, I found myself in a completely different place. I didn’t have to chase my kids around and make sure they were staying out of trouble. Obviously I still had to keep an eye on them, but it was way less hands on than just a couple years before.

I took this picture and isn’t it so cute! I love those two little girls, they are adorable! Seriously, so cute.

Anyways, it just all got me thinking about how much my life has changed in two years, and how lucky I got with these two goofballs.

We went to the park the other day and I sat on the grass and watched as the kids chased the birds. They got pretty far, but I didn’t worry because they know to stay out of the road, and would even run back to me on occasion and tell me about the things they saw or did.

It is a little crazy how fast things change. I felt like I would never be able to just let my kids play, without having to follow them around and keep them safe.I swear it was just yesterday I remember grabbing Sammy and running to try and catch up with Carter who was turning the corner on the sidewalk and not slowing down no matter how loud I yelled for him to wait. That day was the first time another mom stopped and offered me help. I was mortified to look like such a mess that someone would literally pull over and get out of their car to offer me help. But it was just the season of life I was in.

Then,  in the blink of an eye it seemed, my kids grew up. Started listening. And my stress went way down. Now they run ahead, but when they get to where I cant see them they stop and wait. If I yell for them to come back they usually listen. Obviously they are still kids and we still have meltdowns and tantrums, but for the most part they are such good kids!

I promise I’m not some amazing parent who has it all figured out though, they just grew up. We entered a new season of life and if I’m being completely honest, it is my favorite time yet!

This is really such a fun season of life we’re in. The other day we made muffins and Carter wanted to peel the carrots while Sammy grated the zucchini! I mean, talk about grown-up.

Another day we planted the garden and the boys both were really helpful, which was not always the case when they were younger. 😉

Shoot Sammy even put himself down for a nap the other day because he was tired. Bless is adorable two year old heart.

I guess the point I’m getting at is that I love where we are in our life. And the thought of change scares me a little. We could be having a baby any day now and I find myself clinging to my practically independent kids and asking them why they keep growing!

I know the newborn stage will only be hard for a little while and the change will be good for our family, but its a little scary.

But then I think about how awesome my life is now, compared to 6 years ago,  and how great my kids are and think, okay we can do this. It’s just another time and season and it’s gonna be great!



Baby Update

I realized that I have almost weekly posts from when I was pregnant with Sammy and none for this baby! Sooo get ready for some oversharing about Baby Turley numero 3.

First and foremost, she still doesn’t have a name. Although if I’m being honest we are definitely leaning toward the name Lily. I’ve liked the name since high school, I even named the baby I took care of for health class Lily. But I think we will still wait until she’s born before we set her name in stone.

Now a quick rundown of my last few doctors visits and the days in between.

First I guess I should mention my due date. When I was going to see Dr. Colby they told me my estimated due date was June 10th. But then I switched over Valley OBGYN in Provo and they keep saying my due date is June 9th. Sooo I don’t know if it’s just a paper mix up or what, but you better believe I’m going with the June 9th due date now! haha It’s all an estimation anyways.


36 weeks

I went in on Thursday the 12th. Baby girl was measuring right on track and her heartbeat was in the 140’s. I had my Group B Strep test done. I also had my cervix checked and I was 1+ cms dilated and 50% effaced. The Dr said my cervix was really “favorable”, which was both hilarious and exciting! Maybe I was almost done being pregnant!!! I think I weighed in at about 196 which is probably the heaviest I got with either of my boys.

The week after this appointment I felt pretty good for the most part. I took the kids to the aquarium on Saturday and even helped in the nursery on Sunday. But then Wednesday rolled around.


Terrible picture, but right as I took the picture Daniel said, “Look I can hide behind your belly!” :/

37 weeks

I had my 37 week appointment on Wednesday the 18th because they couldn’t schedule an appointment for Thursday. I saw a different doctor for the first time at my new obgyn. He said my measurement and baby’s heartbeat were all good (but I didn’t get the exact numbers) and that I passed my group b strep test. He also checked my cervix and said I was dilated to about a 2. 😦 I was sooo disappointed. I guess in the back of my mind I was thinking I would for sure be dilated to at least a 3! ( I was a 4 the day before I went into labor with Sammy) All pregnancies are different, but I was still hoping! haha I weighed in at this appointment at 198, and honestly, I gave up on trying to eat healthy or even really caring what I weighed.

At 37 weeks I was feeling HUGE. And tired. Emotionally drained. And did I mention huge? Throw in the fact that a friend of mine who was due only 5 days before me had had her baby that morning and I was an emotional mess. Seriously. I mostly blame the hormones, but I also think its natural to want your baby in your arms at this point.

I also was starting to really FEEL the aches and pains of being pregnant. The simplest of tasks were getting harder. I would fold a load of laundry and literally have to lay on the floor and rest for like 20 mins. On days I vacuumed, as in the one day I vacuumed, I was spent for the rest of the day! Like I didn’t get out of the recliner until Daniel came home, and that was to move to the bed.

It was a frustrating week for me. Not being able to do things, like clean my house or play with my kids, really wore me down. And I would get so mad at myself for not being able to just push though the fatigue and get stuff done. Even with all the support I got from friends and family telling me it was ok, I still felt like a total failure.

I also started having trouble sleeping this week, talk about when it rains it pour huh? But we actually found a pretty good solution for this. I would sleep in the recliner and turn on the Lord of the Rings movie. And after about 30 minutes I was out cold. haha For some reason those movies are impossible for me to stay awake during. So it took us like 4 days to get through the first movie because we would just restart it where we last remember being awake. It definitely kept me from laying awake and thinking about the baby and how uncomfortable I felt. Added bonus: Sleeping in the recliner helps with heartburn!

Then on Wednesday the 25th I woke up and felt really off. I felt sick and was feeling a lot of tightening in my stomach. I waited until about 10 and texted Daniel to tell him that I thought I might be in labor. I spent the rest of the morning, timing contractions and stressing I would wait too long to go to the hospital. But by noon though most of the activity had stopped. DAH! It was soooo frustrating!


This is my seriously baby??? face


I had my 38 week appointment on Thursday, the 26th. It was a looong visit for some reason, but I’d had a rough day, so sitting and waiting around (without my kids) was definitely not a bad thing. I weighed in at 200 lb exactly and even though I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever weighed that much in my LIFE, I didn’t mind. And I type that as I eat a handful of PB m&m’s. #pregnancyproblems Baby is measuring right on track 38 weeks, her heartbeat was in the 150s, and the Dr. said it was a strong heartbeat with a good strong rhythm. He also checked my cervix and I was still at a 2! A TWO people. After thinking I was in labor the day before, still nothing had changed. :/ Obviously this little girl is having a good time just hanging out where she is, but come on!

That night the baby was on crack or something. She wiggled and kicked and I kept having contractions. ALL NIGHT LONG. I thought, maybe I’m actually in labor this time. But after waking up and timing my contractions I realized that it was just a fake out again. Buuuut her moving was so crazy strong that I couldn’t sleep at all! Another rough night.


Which brings us to today! I switched back to sleeping in my bed last night and actually had a fantastic night of sleep. I’m trying to accept the fact that I will probably be pregnant until pretty close to my due date. But guess what?!?! That’s only 12 days away! Twelve days! I can do hard things, I can do hard things, I can do hard things. AND it’s a three day weekend, so PAAAAARTAY!


Last Date and The Zoo

On Saturday Laura offered to take the kids to the zoo. It was sort of a make-up play date from our anniversary when everyone got sick and we had to cancel. So Daniel and I thought it would be the perfect excuse to go to lunch and a movie, sort of as a last date before the baby comes.

We had to get up early to go to work at the bakeshop, but Laura came and picked up the kids and took them to her apartment while we worked. They had a blast hanging out at her house. She made them blueberry pancakes for breakfast annnd she let them watch “brains” aka the iPad, which has been banned from our house until the baby is born. She also let them clean using the “adult” wipes, which Carter thought was the coolest thing ever. At home I always let them clean using baby wipes, while I disinfect using the Clorox wipes. Since I don’t let the kids use the Clorox wipes they started calling them the adult wipes. haha

Then they came back to the bakeshop for lunch and Daniel and I hit the town for our date! First we stopped at Togo’s which has the world’s greatest pastrami sandwiches. Seriously, I love that place. The only downside was that it gave me KILLER heart burn. Like that night I thought I was dying… It didn’t stop me from eating the whole sandwich though. It’s just that good.


After lunch we went and bought some candy to smuggle into the movie theater and headed to Jordan Commons to see The Jungle Book. We had free movie tickets so I didn’t mind going to that movie. I honestly didn’t have a preference as to what movie we saw, so I let Daniel pick.

The movie was ok. Pretty cool CGI and whatnot, but I mean it is essentially the Jungle Book story… Which was probably one of my least favorite Disney movies to begin with. I am pretty excited to rent the movie and let Carter and Sammy see it though. I think they will love it! Or it will terrify them… haha I guess we’ll find out. 😉


After the movie we still had some time to kill before we had to get the kids, so we did some kid-free shopping… Talk about the greatest gift in the universe! haha We could go to any store we wanted. Take our time looking around. We didn’t have to stop at every single bathroom or take a detour down every single toy aisle. It really was magnificent.


We also drove by a See’s Candy and had a voucher for a free pound of chocolate that my Grandma Nora had given us for Christmas. So we stopped and got a giant box of chocolate. We created our own box, as suggested by our inside informant Serena (she worked there this last November). We got lots of different flavors and none with nuts, but if we could do it again I think we would totally only get like three flavors. The raspberry chocolate, the chocolate caramel, and the white key lime… Oh man those ones are sooo good! haha


We hit a few more stores and right before we went to pick up the kids we found a new diaper bag at TJ max! It’s been on my list of things to get for months, but I haven’t been able to find one that I loved. I had decided I was just gonna order one online but just never got around to it. As luck would have it, we ended up getting a bag similar to one that I almost bought online a few days before for HALF the price! Can you say bargain shoppers!

Then we picked up the boys at Laura’s and of course they had an amazing time at the zoo. The ended up going with Laura, “Aunt Tony”, Melanie, and Jared. So I mean 4 adults hanging out with them, what more could they want! They even got to ride on the train! #spoiled

I had Laura send me a few pictures from their adventures. It looks like they had a great time!


Sitting on a fence.. Hopefully not by the lions cage! haha

Speaking of lions, apparently Sammy was terrified of the lion drinking fountains at the zoo. The first time he saw them he wouldn’t even walk by them! But by the end of the day he was drinking out of the lions mouth like a champ, sooo irrational fear averted. 😉


Photo opt by the giant gold gorilla, obviously my kids were thrilled. Although it is comforting to know that they don’t only take picture like this for me. haha


I’m not sure what they’re looking at but Tony was telling us that half the time Carter would skip the animals and look at the random birds hanging out in the bushes nearby. haha


On the train with Aunt Tony, who is obviously not a girl. He just hangs out with Aunt Laura and so for some reason the kids started calling him Aunt Tony. I think it’s hilarious… Not so sure how Tony feels about it though. Haha

It was a great day for the kids and a perfect last date before the baby comes… Now the baby just need to actually come. 😉

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

We scored some free tickets to the aquarium and since Daniel had a wedding to go to we decided to invite Grandma Turley to join us.

The boys were super excited the whole week before. Carter really wanted to see a shark and Sammy just wanted to see “fish-ies”! I have to apologize in advance for all the blurry pictures I’m about to post, taking pictures in a dark aquarium is pretty much impossible.


First we saw the sting rays. The boys liked seeing the rays, but when I tried to get them to touch them they both go too scared. But I got to touch one! I remember growing up when we’d go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium I always wanted to touch the rays, but it was always such a pain because they’d hide out of reach. But at this aquarium they seemed to like hanging out by the edge of the touching pool!

The boys both liked sitting on the giant turtle though. Turns out this is the size of the biggest turtle that ever washed up to shore. Can you say crazy sauce???


The whole time we were there Sammy was so excited to see all the fish! He would stop at every tank and point out all the different fish. Carter on the other hand was always rushing to the next tank in search of the sharks. (Can I just say how glad I was that our tickets were free.)

We finally found the sharks and Carter was pretty excited…

For like a minute. *sigh* 4- years olds.

But Sammy loved, loved, LOVED the sharks. I think he would have stayed in the shark tunnel all day if we let him (And if a whining 4-year old wasn’t nagging us to move on… Can I say again how glad I was the tickets were free???)

We tried to come back at the end to see the sharks one more time and ended up getting there right before feeding time. No bueno! There was a worker there who loved his job a little too much and was yelling random facts about the sharks (and oddly enough snakes) way too loud and there was mobs of people annnnd it was not the fun “revisit” I hoped for. Buuut you win some you lose some.

After the sharks we went to the tropical area. Can I just say that in my pregnant state I felt like I was dying in the humid air. I usually run cold but I was sweating like CRAZY! haha


Carters favorite part of this area was the rope bridge. Last time we came to the aquarium he was too scared to cross. This time he crossed all by himself!

Meanwhile, Sammy really liked sitting on the giant rain tree frogs.

One thing I found interesting though, was whenever Carter saw a lizard he asked if they had sticky feet like the geckos we saw at the Natural History Museum a month earlier. It showed me how much this kid actually internalizes, even when he is rushing to go to the next thing. I thought he hated the gecko exhibit, because the whole time we were there he wanted to leave. But it turns out he liked it enough to remember it! I think he just moves and is able to learn things at a faster pace which is the opposite of his brother. #babygenius lol


Speaking of Sammy, oh this kid!!! All the picture of him enjoying exhibits just melt my heart. He is such an adorable two year old. Seriously, I cant even handle him! I wish he would stay this little forever!

After we saw everything, we let the kids play at the “play place”, Which was just some rubber orcas they could climb on. The oraca were supper slippery and Grandma almost fell off when I made them take this picture. Haha


After the play place we went and got some food. Since we had vouchers I let each of the boys pick anything they wanted. It’s funny to see what they each chose. Carter picked a vitamin water because it was in a water bottle shaped like a dinosaur of something. Sammy on the other hand picked a giant chocolate cupcake with a crab made out of frosting on top!

All in all we had such a good time! It was nice being able to steal Grandma away from the bakery and do something fun and different with her. Hopefully we can do more trips like this in the future, when Papa Turley gets back from Kuwait!



The Natural History Museum

On Saturday we got free tickets to the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City. I was pretty excited to take the kids, but unsure if they would like it or not. I figured since the tickets were free, even if we only spent an hour there it would be worth it.

Cakepop picture for the bakery!

I have to admit I was nervous when we  got there. The kids got up super early for the bakeshop and didn’t get a nap. Sammy was super grouchy when we got there and refused to do anything and everything. So after a few minutes, I decided maybe we should eat and then try to have fun.

They have a special exhibit all about geckos right now, so all the crafts were gecko related. The exhibit was really cool, but not very interesting for the kids since geckos don’t really move around much and like to hide.

It was just what the doctor ordered. Both the kids were sooo much happier with full bellies and our experience was nothing short of amazing after that.

Digging for fossils was a hit! But it ended up being a, “how much rubber sand can I throw before mommy notices”, kind of deal. Sammy’s hair was filled with the stuff!!! :/

We started going through the exhibits and the first one was dinosaurs! The boys loved all the fossils and dinosaur replicas. There were tons of activities all along the way. A lot of them were geared towards old kids, but that didn’t stop the boys from trying out anything and everything that could turn or move.


There were little rooms in each area filled with different activities. This one was all about dinosaurs!

We had so many favorite parts, but I think I really loved the end where the kids could put together a big rubber “cell”. I bet I would have done so much better at remembering where the mitochondria and golgi apparatus was as a kid if I could do something cool like that. Shoot I still don’t remember all the different parts of a cell , so it was a good reminder! 😉


Catching giant bugs, what could be better?

There was also a little area designated for little kids where they could play in water and catch bug. The boys loved this and were soaking wet by the time they were done. Luckily we didn’t go into that part until the end so we were able to put on dry shirts as soon we got back to the car.


On the Sky Deck. “The wind is making me run faster Mommy!”

Long story short, it was awesome. Also not very crowded, even though we went on a Saturday. Crowds give me major anxiety, but I was able to let the kids run around and explore without having to worry about other peoples kids or even my own for that matter.


Sporting their sweet gecko headbands!

I know I say this a lot but the boys are at such a good age! They are curious and excited about new things. They are THE cutest when they see things they recognize or learn new things. ANNNND they can both walk and require little if any extra supplies, like a stroller or fully stocked diaper bag. It’s just the greatest taking them places!


Looking at brine shrimp with a magnifying glass.

Hopefully we can keep the adventures coming until this little girl decides to make her entrance! Having some distractions from the fact that I am looking and feeling more and more like a giant pregnant butterball, is ALWAYS a more than welcome occurance. Haha


Those stairs were high enough to make both my and Daniel’s stomach twist a little. The kids weren’t even phased.



Conference Weekend

This year for conference we spent Saturday with the Turley’s and Sunday with the Carter’s.

For the first session we all met at the bakeshop and had a big breakfast. I love when we do breakfast there because we always have way too much food! haha

Then in between sessions Laura, Treasa, annnd maybe Jessica worked on switching the prices on the white board. I didn’t help because I was getting some favorite aunt snuggles in with baby Darius. He wasn’t feeling very good so was extra snuggly!


We headed over to Sue’s house to watch the second session. During this session Daniel started to feel sick. He had been sick the week before, but we thought that he was better. We went and bought a thermometer and it turned out he still had a low-grade fever. Even though we were pretty sure he was no longer contagious, we decided it would be better if he took the train back to Provo instead of heading up to my Grandparents house with us.

We spent Sunday and part of Monday up in Morgan and the boys LOVED it. They got to hang out with their cousins…

and play outside…

Since it was just me watching the kids I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked watching conference, but I guess that’s life with two small kids.

I was really grateful how willing my cousin-in-law (?) Jeff, was to play with Carter and Sammy. They pretty much followed him around. One time when I went to go find Carter he was just out flying a kite with Jeff. So cute.

I also really like all the time me and Sammy got to spend together. He is pretty much a Daddy’s boy, so it was nice that he would come and snuggle with me for pretty much no reason at all. Even if he did use my stomach as a pillow. 😉

I also may or may not have bribed him with treats… lol

After conference we played some Hand and Foot, but called it Hand, Foot, and Mouth in honor of poor sick Daniel who was in Provo. I did terrible, which is pretty much always the case when I’m not on Daniel’s team. #hecheats

You don’t want threes, and I had 5 of them… ^^^

Carter also got his first real bloody nose. He was pretty excited about it. haha

Then once everyone left we got to just hang out with Grandma and Grandpa. And Sammy is such a little Grandpa’s boy! He went to give Grandpa a hug goodnight and just ended up cuddling with him for like 5 minutes. So Sweet.

The next day Daniel took the train to work so we got to hang out in Morgan until we had to pick him up at three.

Grandpa didn’t waste any time putting the boys to work. They helped him plant some flowers and were actually really good helpers.

Then uncle Keith came by and brought some 4-wheelers. My kids being the moochers they are, sweet talked their way into getting rides.

Sammy was apprehensive at first, but when we took him off the 4-wheeler he walked over to the other one to get another ride. lol

Carter was pretty funny too because he liked going fast, but he had this terrified look on his face the whole time. haha

It was a really good conference weekend!


Time Capsule #1

I was reading how leap year is a good time to make a time capsule, so four years later you can see how much everything has changed. I’m too lazy to make an actual time capsule, so I thought I’d do a blog every leap year instead! Fancy, I know.  Annnnnd you get some random facts about all of us. A win/win.


Favorite animal: Honey Badger
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite number: 12
Best friend: Chelsea
Favorite food: Everything! (Thai Food is probably the closest to being the favorite)
Favorite Football Team: BYU
Favorite book: Ender’s Game
Favorite movie: A Walk to Remember
Favorite superhero: Superman

A little more about Daniel. He is flying out to Texas A&M on Thursday for the interview portion of his application for graduate school. He wants to get a Masters of International Affairs. He is currently working at 4life Research in the legal department. He also currently has the biggest man crush on Stephen Curry. He was on the computer all night looking up facts about him… They both like the movie, “A Walk to Remember” #soulmates. Daniel is currently sporting a SAWEET beard, that I initially didn’t care for, but since he keeps it well groomed, I approve. He has also recently taken up running, at least until I get this baby out of me and can make him do p90x with me. 😉


Favorite animal: Puppies, kittens, pretty much all cute fluffy baby animals!
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite number: 13
Best friend: Daniel
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite Football Team: BYU
Favorite book: What to Expect When You’re Expecting is probably the book I read the most these days… So I guess that makes it my current favorite.
Favorite movie: Its a tie between Pride and Prejudice( the one with Keira Knightley) and Emperor’s New Groove.
Favorite superhero: None. I’m just not a superhero girl…

More about me. I am beautiful, wonderful, and all things lovely… haha Ok, ok, so in reality I’m 25 ish weeks pregnant, and looking the part more and more everyday. A lady at Costco asked me if I was around her age, she was 43. :/ I have some crazy hair issues going on because baby girl is stealing all my beauty, but I’m coping. 😉 I’ve recently had the desire to sew, which is not me at all. Nonetheless, I am sewing some pillows for our bed, and a new cover for our rocking chair. I also have been really into baking, and have actually been successful and baking gluten free cookies and muffins! (Miracles happen people!) I currently crave all things sweet and bad for me and wouldn’t be surprised if I developed diabetes this pregnancy (I’m trying to do better). All in all most of what is me right now involves growing this baby, which is definitely no walk in the park, but a blessing for sure!


Favorite animal: Bear
Favorite color: Red
Favorite number: Three and C (lol)
Best friend: Brooklynn ( I was slightly offended he didn’t pick me :p)
Favorite food: Strawberries
Favorite Football Team: The red team, aka the UTES (gasp!)
Favorite book: Beauty and the Beast
Favorite movie: Paw Patrol
Favorite superhero: Kylo Ren “The New Darth Vader”

Carter is such a character! He has a crazy good memory and is able to remember even the slightest detail of any conversation, but is pretty selective about what he admits to remembering ie. only when things he likes/wants is involved. He asks a MILLION questions a day because he wants to know and understand everything.  He is currently obsessed with Lamanites and loves all the scripture stories about fighting. His favorite right now is probably the story of Ammon because he chops off all the bad guys arms. He also really loves the new star wars villain (even though he hasn’t even seen the movie), because he has a cool “triple light saber”. He is our negotiator boy, but is still figuring out the ins and outs of what a good deal entails. haha He is also our goofball. He does random weird things, like crossing his eyes or making up words during conversation, to make us laugh.


Favorite animal: Elephant
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite number: 3
Best friend: Daddy
Favorite food: Goldfish
Favorite Football Team: “No football” -Sammy
Favorite book: Finding Nemo
Favorite movie: Monsters Inc.
Favorite superhero: Iron Man and Hulk Smash

Sammy refuses to be called by any other name besides “Hammy”. He is our opinionated boy who loves to say no to everything just because he can! When he turned two he “turned the corner” on potty training and went almost a month without any accidents! He likes to do everything that Carter can do and without any help from Mommy or Daddy. He also is the family sweet-heart. He knows how to make our hearts melt with just one hug or a little smile! He has recently become more of a cuddle bug, which I love. He is still a Daddy’s boy, but I am slowly working my way into his adorable baby heart. His hair is still as red and glorious as ever, and it just goes with his personality so well. He talks a TON now, but is still hard to understand the majority of the time. He is a jokester like his brother, and loves to be tickled and when we try to steal his “Bee-Bow” (belly button) from him.

Baby Turley #3

 Sorry you still don’t have a name baby. Girl names are impossible to pick out, seriously. Baby girl is a big one, she is measuring right on track but I swear she feels heavier than the last two. Late night acrobats are her specialty, but I’m still the only one that can feel her moving and kicking in there. The other day, Carter stepped on her and she kicked him back, which only ended up hurting me, both ways. She loves all things sugar and carbs, especially late at night. She also hates exercise, which I’m trying to convince her is a good thing, but to no avail. We recently switched doctors, so she will be my first baby not born in the Riverton Hospital! I’m finally at the stage in pregnancy with her where I feel more energy and sometimes even forget I’m pregnant… until I try to put on pants. Did I mention how much she hates pants? lol

Happy Leap Day!!!

p.s. I took all the pictures today, right after family night! Which is why we look so good!!! 😜

Presidents’ Day

Growing up we never really did anything special for Presidents’ Day, it was just one of those random Monday holidays that I loved because I didn’t have school. Since marrying Daniel, I both look forward to and dread Presidents’ Day like no other. Why you might ask? Cheese and snow.   Every Presidents’ Day  Daniel’s family goes up to the Gossner cheese factory in Logan. They have tons of cheese and milk sample at the store, so you can try things before you buy them. And how can you go wrong with root beer flavored milk and endless squeaky cheese samples!? After proper sampling we stocked up on all things dairy! The milk is shelf stable so it’s perfect for food storage. It’s shelf life is only a year or so, which works out perfectly because we go once a year. 

Hypothetically speaking though, we probably drink all the milk well before the year mark. It’s just too good not to! This year they had egg nog!!! Shelf stable egg nog that cost half the price of the nog in the stores! And it tastes amazing!!! We bought 7. 😁
And then there’s squeaky cheese aka the greatest cheese in the universe. This year I got two bags, regular and smoked. Let’s just say I might end up with some major digestive issues after eating all this dairy… #worthit  

Carter saw this bear and said mommy take my picture with this bear! Ummmm, yes!

They also have ice cream, so Daniel bought a scoop. I was gonna make Daniel share with the kids, but my kids, being the mooches that they are, ate all of their aunt Laura’s ice cream. My favorite part is how Carter asked her how she liked eating his germs, since they were sharing. 😂

Next was the part I dread, a picnic in the snow. Who has picnics in the snow?!? Never a good idea in my opinion. Luckily this year one of Daniels cousins reserved their ward building so we got to picnic inside!!! So great!   The gym was giant, so I got to sit and eat and Daniel got to work on his right hand lay ups. He usually shoots with his left hand but his finger is still looking and feeling gross from when he ripped his nail up. The boys also got to play some basketball too. They are both naturals, obviously… lol

After lunch everyone went sledding on a big hill on Utah State campus. It may have been the kids first time sledding ever though. Is that kind of sad? I don’t like sledding much and now I’m pretty sure I’d break something if I tried.   Luckily the kids have aunts and uncles who take good care of them. Laura and Ferrin took turns taking the kids down the hill. Ferrin was probably their favorite person to go with, only because he didn’t put his feet down to slow down like Laura. Which meant less  snow in their eyes. They also starting sledding with their cousin Olivia at the end! She is always so good about playing with the kids and they love her!  Contrary to most of the pictures I got, the kids really loved it and didn’t want to go home! This year was definitely my favorite Presidents’ Day so far!

Valentine’s Day 

This year for some reason I’ve been in a super “crafty”, pink & red, let’s celebrate kind of mood. I just want to do crafts and bake and it’s just craziness. 

Obviously as the procrastinator I am, I didn’t get everything on my list done, but I did more than I have any other Valentine’s Day!  I decided I wanted to make chocolate covered popcorn with the kids this year and it was a hit! (not to mention super easy!) It had candy hearts and sprinkles in it and was ALMOST too good to share. Seriously. 

But we ended up bagging it up and delivering it to friends! It was so cute!!! Carter tried to walk in and play at pretty much everyone’s house we visited. I also realized that my kids have a crazy amount of friends, children and adults alike! What can I say, they are just too adorably friendly!!! 


We delivered sweet Valentine cards with the popcorn that were “pawsome”!!! The boys are obsessed with all things Paw Patrol these days, they know all the names by heart, so we colored some Paw Patrol cards for the occasion. 

Annnd I got them each a box of these for today! #trueobsession  

I also wanted the inside of the house to be decorated so I bought a bunch of foam sticker hearts and let the kids each decorate a door. It came out super cute! The only downside, the foam stickers DO NOT come off easy. I took one off and it was a pain!!!! Sooo I may have set myself up for a hour long project of removing hearts, I’ll let you know later if it was worth it. 😉

 Carter’s door!

Sammy’s door!

Then this morning, I decided to make heart-shaped pancakes, also a pain, but the kids LOVED it! And they came out so pretty! 😍

Obviously to some people these things come second nature, but definitely not me… I’m the mom who makes green pancakes for St. Patrick’s day and ends up hiding in a corner because my kids won’t eat it, but love playing in it,  which results in the whole house being covered in syrup instead… true story. 

I 100% blame this little girl in my stomach! All her extra girl-ness is making me one of those crazy holiday people!!! lol   

And here’s a nice 23 week, bathroom bump selfie, for those who are interested! 😉

Annnnd just for fun a sweet Valentine’s Day kiss, from Sammy to you… or I guess in this case, to Baby Haylee. 😂

 Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


The boys are sound asleep.

I love going into the their room and checking on them before I go to bed. I cover them up, kiss them one more time, and sometimes even check that they still breathing (crazy mom status over here). But mostly I just love seeing how sweet and peaceful they look while they sleep. I swear every time I go check on them, in that moment, they could ask me for anything in the world and I would 100% cave.  These boys can do no wrong… at least when they’re asleep, that is. 

The other night I found them both passed out, on Carter’s bed, under a pile of blankets and pillows and oh how my heart melted!  Their room was destroyed; toys, books, clothes, everything had been pulled out onto the floor. But I just couldn’t get over how adorable they were. 

Carter and Sammy are BEST friends and I love love LOVE it! I mean sure they fight like crazy all. the. time. But they really do love each other and it gives me so much comfort knowing that they will always have one another. 😍😍😍 

Everyone needs a best friend! And even though I tell them numerous times a day that I will always be their best friend, I know that might not always be the case. And while the thought of their favorite person being anyone besides me makes me want to burst into tears, (I blame the baby, haha) I’m so glad they have each other.