Date Night

SAM_1430One of Daniel and I’s (Me and Daniel’s?)New Years Resolutions was to cut back on the times we go out to eat every month. We weren’t doing anything atrocious, just going out a few times a month, usually on days when I didn’t feel like cooking. Since we need to be saving more than we have lately, we have cut the times we eat out to once a month. This month was quite the splurge!

For Christmas the big present I got Daniel was two tickets to a Jazz game. The Jazz vs. The Kings! (Goo Jimmer!) So I figured since we were in the area, and Daniel’s T1Birthday is this month. That we would splurge and go to Tucanos for dinner! Mmm mmm Tucanos! The great thing about going on his birthday month is that we had a free dinner coupon that you get for being in the birthday club. So for the low (ish) cost of $30 we got all we could eat meat, along with the yummy salad bar! Daniel ate like 12 rolls of sushi before it disappeared from the bar. Coincidence? I think not. lol We also got one hour of parking validation which made parking for dinner and the game cheap!

This was the first Jazz game I’ve gone to with Daniel. He was a pretty intense watcher. The last (and only other) Jazz SAM_1432game I’ve gone to, I went with my roommates and we probably did a lot more chit-chatting than watching. Now that we have cable me and Daniel have been watching the jazz games on TV. I think of it as a kind of warm up for this game. It takes me a while to like watching sports especially when I don’t know all the players. Well when this game finally rolled around, I was super stoked!  See how stoked I look! ^

So as we were walking up to the game some random people gave use some jazz towel things? The package gave a bunch of suggestions on how to wear them. We decided to try a few…SAM_1433





Bank Robber



Haha. We may have gone a little crazy with them, but it was fun. We actually had really good seats. I mean we weren’t on the floor by any means but we were center and towards the frontSAM_1438 of the upper bowl. I just wasn’t willing to fork out $50 a seat, even for Christmas. I took a picture of Jimmer! He’s the little one in the center. lol I forgot to take a picture of DeMarre Carroll, he’s my favorite Jazz player. At first I didn’t like him because of his hair, but now I love him! It was a super intense game! They tied and had to go into overtime. Finally, during overtime,  the Jazz got it together and won. It was a really exciting game!

This was probably one of my favorite date nights in a long time! I wasn’t worried about Carter the whole time and I had lots of fun. I told Daniel that I felt all excited and butterfly-ie like we were still just dating again! lol It was so much fun!

Oh yeah, and out of necessity, because most of you read this to see Carter… Here’s a picture of Baby Carter “taking his nap” today.


Little stinker. Oh and guess what I found yesterday? Carter’s first tooth! There’s no way he’ll let me take a picture of it but trust me when I say, it’s there, and it’s sharp! lol


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