Leaves of Three…

Have you ever heard that saying, leaves of three leave them be? It refers to poison ivy, but I think it kind of applies to our life lately. Daniels’ mom always says that bad things tended to happen to them in groups of three, and we recently had a couple days like that. It’s crazy because for every bad thing that happened, we seemed to be blessed with ten good things! I guess that’s how Heavenly Father works and man am I grateful for that.

So on Tuesday last week Carter took a bad fall off our couch. It was somewhat inevitable since he is a wild child who loves to climb all over everything. IMG_2619The only difference this time was that he landed right on the top of his head. Every time I remember the sound his head made when it hit the floor, I feel sick. It is definitely a sound I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget. After he fell he started acting really strange.  He would slowly wander across the room and sit down against the wall or something. Really disorientated. Definitely not normal. So I called his doctor and they told me that we could bring him in but they would just recommend we take him to an ER so they could do a cat scan to check for fractures and bleeds.

Now to put this in context, I have never ever been to an ER in my entire life. I’ve never broken a bone or fractured anything. One time my little sister got a cut on her head and I was in hysterics because of all the blood. That is how so not prepared I was to take my baby to the Emergency Room!

But that was what the doctor recommended so Daniel got off work and came to take us to the ER. All in all it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t see any blood or people being rushed in on gurneys, like you see on TV. After an hour wait and a million people making me retell what happened, the doctor SAM_2101said Carter was in a gray area. He could do a cat scan but due to all the radiation he wouldn’t recommend it. So we decided to just monitor him and make sure he didn’t get worse.

By the time we left the hospital he was our happy boy again. So we took him out to McDonald’s and got him a Happy Meal (which is a big deal considering this is probably only the second Happy Meal he’s had in his entire life!)

The next day, Carter was fine so I decided to take the car in because I had accidently let the safety and emissions expire last month. I knew we needed an oil change and a new window (due to a crack) but when the mechanic called me back with what needed to be fixed to pass emissions I nearly died! He listed like ten things that needed to be fixed, new tires, new windshield, new rack and pinion for the steering wheel, realignment, fluid flush, new sprayers for the windshield… It came out to over $1600 and that was even getting a good deal on the windshield.

Well Daniel and I had discussed before hand on what our limit for fixing this car was and we had decided that 1,000 was pushing it. We just seemed to be pumping money into a car that was falling apart. So we decided it was time to be grown-ups and invest in a new (used) car. Soooo stressful! I just hate salespeople and I hate how you have to be super careful not to be taken advantage of. I just was not excited for it.

In the end we went to this really great car place where they were not pushy at all and we found the perfect car! Ladies and gentleman meet our pretty new car!

SAM_2069Its a 2010 Mazda 3 and I just love it! It is really gas efficient which is good because Daniel has to drive about 30 mins to work everyday. It only had 39,000 mile on it and will fit our small family perfectly. Did I mention how pretty it was? haha Good thing I have Daniel or I might have just bought the prettiest car on the lot! Anyways, looong story short, we bought a car! (still weird to think about)

So the next day, Daniels bike (which he has been riding to school in the mornings ) popped… Or at least the front tire did.  While this isn’t really that bad of a thing it was still like in a three day period. Carter goes to the ER, our car falls apart, and Daniels bike breaks.

Leaves of three…

Even with all the bad we have been so blessed. Everyone is happy and healthy. Insurance covered most of the ER visit. We were able to afford a new car! And Daniels bike is an easy fix. I guess we are just growing-up and becoming adults. Add that to the list of reasons I’d rather be a kid again 😉


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